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Dresses Clearance Sale $5.00-$35.00

SALE! Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Especially when you can sit back and browse through our website in the comfort of your own home and get your order delivered straight to your doorstep. We ship to anywhere in the world so we welcome international customers! 🙂

ALL our dresses* are currently on CLEARANCE SALE at the moment with prices marked down some of up to 80%  from original prices. Prices starting from just $5.00 – $35.00.

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping now!

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How To Dress On A Budget And Still Look Amazing!

We have always been a firm believer that you do not need to spend an entire month’s pay check to look your best. What’s more, you can look just as dazzling, sophisticated and chic with an item that you bought for $10.00. We all know of women who are all about dressing all things designer from head to toe. While this is no crime it is our opinion that it is a bit of overkill and unnecessary. Of course we don’t rule out completely the opportunity to spoil yourself with a designer piece on those desired occasions but budget fashion can exude just as much glam magnetism.

Here are a few easy tips to keep in mind to turning your budget purchases to designer looking territory.

1. Stock up on the basic, staple pieces

Don’t overlook the staple pieces that work wonders to your look. These staple items include basic tees, singlets, good quality denim jeans, a fitted and tailored skirt and/or dress to name a few. They are the building blocks to your look. You can mix these basic pieces with well invested blazers or pants and look ultra chic. Sometimes it is the simplistic looks such as a basic white tee teamed with a pair of skinny jeans and a designer handbag to make you look all designer-y. Check out our lookbook below.

Mixing Basic With Designer

“Blazen” white lace back singlet $14.95

2. Choose neutral & earth tones over brights and neons

These colors include;

  • black
  • white
  • gray
  • cream
  • tan
  • olive

The reason why these colors are timeless and fail proof is because of their sleekness factor. They are easily coordinated with one another, pastels, brights, prints and patterns making them ultra versatile and chic. These colors are the building basis and indispensable for any woman’s wardrobe, whether you are casual and laid back or trendy and adventurous with the fashion styles. The power of these colors are in it’s versatility and will ensure you will look elegant effortlessly.

Earth Tones Budget At Envious Fashions Online Fashion Boutique

“Vanity” Side Split Black Maxi Skirt $21.95
“Celine Me Alone” tees $24.95
“Mirander” Peep toe Patent Nude Pumps $79.95

3. Simplicity in handbags/clutches

A simple, no fuss handbag or clutch can go a long way in creating an overall image to make you look sophisticated and chic. It’s a simple piece of accessory that really contributes to your look. Clutches are a great accessory to pair with a day or evening outfit and really compliment your outfit.


Patent Nude Clutch Bag $54.95

4. Catch the sales

Who doesn’t love a good sale? You can be shopping for sales and get clothing at discounted prices all year round by a couple of savvy shopping tactics such as shopping at the end of season rather than the start of season, sample sales and sign up to online newsletters to be alerted of when a sale will be on or specials or discounts offered to members. Most retailers send regular email newsletters to their subscribers offering discounts on a weekly or monthly basis so it’s a great way for you to be alerted of the specials without having to go look for it. Brilliant.

sales-at-envious-fashionsClick here to sign up to Envious Fashion’s monthly e-newsletter to receive exclusive discounts and offers. We promise you no spam, just the good stuff.

5. Find a good tailor

Most people wouldn’t think it but having a good tailor can work miracles to your outfits to make you look so much more sophisticated and emulating designer styles. Have you noticed how the designer pieces looks immaculately form fitting and if you have ever tried it on, fits like a dream? Of course, it comes with the designer price tag. Just having your tailor taking in specific areas such as the shoulders, armpits and at the waist can really make a difference in the price value of your outfit.

Envious Fashions Tailor Services

In house tailor service at our shop 377 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth

Forget the hefty price, grab yourself a bargain by shopping sales and budget items and get a tailor to make the item custom fit to your body and you’re off to looking like you’re designer dressed at a fraction of the cost if you were to buy the high end piece.

If you are in the Perth area of Western Australia, we have in house tailors at our shop with over 20 years experience with clothing alterations at super affordable prices!

Alterations for general trousers and pants range from $10 – $50

Alterations for regular dresses range from $10 – $50

Hems taken up range from $5 – $15

Evening dresses/ball dresses/ball gowns range from $20 – $80

Our shop address is located at 377 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth.

Click here to see the map to get there.

Do you like to shop budget? Let us know by leaving your comment in the section below.


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Spring 2012 Hot Trend: Cut Out Dresses

The cut out style is sooooooo IN right now and we’re totally loving it! And the catwalks and celebs are also totally loving  and all over this trend too, with the trend making appearances on fashionistas such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hawkins and Jessica Beil.

The cut out trend is all about making a statement…and whether that be a bold statement or something more low key and subtle, you can totally work this trend and make it your own…and look totally hot!

The cut out dress is great for that dinner date you have penned in the weekend, a fun night out on the town, a cocktail or formal event.
Find below some inspiration on how the Fashion A-Listers are showing some skin and wearing the cut out trend.


Christina Milian rainbow cut out dress


Miley Cyrus black cut out dress


Natasha Bedingfield long sleeve cut out dress


Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet in a long gown shoulder cut out dress


Mirander Kerr on the catwalk showcasing this Spring’s trend in a colourful floaty cut out dress


Kim Kardashian in flattering black working the cut out dress


Jessican Beil in a soft and wispy, feminine rainbow cut out dress


Last but not least…Lea Michelle in a daring cleavage cut out dress before the David Letterman show

While some of us may be wary on this trend, you needn’t be! You can look totally stunning too just as these celebs do, it is just a matter of picking where the cut out is placed to best enhance your favourite body features and hide those that you’re not so fond of.

Here are 3 main pointers to remember when picking out and wearing the cut out trend and totally nailing it:

1.      Highlight a body part you’d be proud to show off:

Well it’s fair to assume that you’d be fairly confident with your body to pick a cut out dress to wear. Fantastic! The great thing about the cut out dress trend is that there   are many styles which the cut out is placed and now it is a matter of finding that perfect cut out dress that perfectly highlights that body part that you want to show off.

Love to show off your back? Chose a cut out dress with back cut outs to ooze sexiness from behind. Have you got toned and well earned abs? Pick a cut out dress with side or front cut out to show off your insanely toned abs. Perhaps you have a cleavage to die for? A cut out dress with a keyhole cut out is great to show off the bust-line and some sexy cleavage.

2.      Don’t highlight too much:

Of course sexy doesn’t have to mean baring for all so subtlety is integral here so choose wisely and highlight just one part of your body you’d like to show off in the cut out dress. The cut out trend may a bit much for some girls but it doesn’t mean you have to give up hope completely! Just pick a spot you’d like to highlight that doesn’t reveal too much, like your back. This is sexy without overexposing.

3.      Keep the rest of your look simple:  The cut out dress is a statement piece in itself so let the dress do all the talking. Keep accessories to a minimum – no crazy jewellery, no extreme shoes, no wild makeup and no crazy hair. The key to pulling off this look elegantly is to keep everything else level and understated and the standout is just the dress. If you can’t help but accessorize then a simple and thin bracelet or necklace is sufficient as your standalone accessory.

Shop the trend at Envious Fashions! Our featured cut out dresses highlight a body spot that is worthy of showing off but keeps the rest of the dress simple and subtle.

Get with the trend and shop the cut out dress today! Click on the picture to go to the product page on our website and purchase.

  • Our “Smitten” dress features a cut out on the back and shoulders which doesn’t show too much and very flattering!

“Smitten” long sleeve black cut out dress $29.95
Available from Envious Fashions

  • Our “Kassie” dress features subtle side cut outs revealing just a hint of skin for a look that’s so alluring!

“Kassie” leopard print cut out dress $39.95
Available from Envious Fashions


“Kassie” leopard print cut out dress $39.95
Available from Envious Fashions

  • Our “Cheryl” dress features sexy side cut outs that flaunts your killer curvers and shows just the right amount of skin for an elegant evening look

“Cheryl” long evening gown cut out dress $39.95
As seen on Cheryl Cole on the X-Factor!
Available at Envious Fashions

  • “Seductress” dresses features a sexy

“Seductress” long evening cut out dress $49.95
Also available in purple


“Seducress” long evening cut out dress $49.95
Also available in turquoise

Shop the cut out dress trend at Envious Fashions online at www.enviousfashions.com.au

We ship worldwide!

Until next time lovlies!


Envious Fashions

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The Little Black Dress for Black Friday

The Little Black Dress for Black Friday

Being a universally flattering colour hue, black is the staple to most women’s wardrobe for almost every and any occasion.

We have that little black dress that’s stashed somewhere in our closet that is the failsafe for any occasion, a truly treasured piece that is not only flattering but looks amazing on.

So in tune with being Friday the 13th, aka “Black Friday” we thought we’d feature on the little black dress….evidently; Kim K is amongst the many celebs who embrace the LBD frequently!

So here’s our pick of LBD from our range…

"DESIRE" - $41.95

"STARLET" - $47.95


"SAMBA" - $34.95


"EXCUSE ME MISS" - $53.95


"SMITTEN" - $49.95

"MATILDA" - $56.95


ALLURE - $36.95

All dresses pictured above are available and in stock at our website http://www.enviousfashions.com.au

Thank you for reading and we’d love to hear any comments you may have.

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The Importance of Fashion In Our Lives

The notion of style and fashion in today’s society is given much attention to in both the public and personal sense. Fashion has evolved to become a way of expressing ourselves through what we wear; it’s a subliminal depiction of our personality. Our dress style and what we wear serves also as a first impression to what people see and think of us.

We all like to make a good first impression and in order to achieve this we need to dress in a way that we’re comfortable with, reflects our style and one that compliments us.

Having a good appearance shows people you take pride in yourself. You dress for the occasion.

When you look your best, you generally tend to feel your best. Take the instance when someone compliments that you look nice or that comment on a clothing piece you’re wearing. You feel good about it and it may somewhat boost your confidence and esteem.

Fashion means different things to different people. Fashion trends come and go but a good fashion sense is like eternal. We believe fashion just simply means mixing and matching current trends with staple, classic pieces that would compliment the body shape whilst having the versatility to take the piece from one occasion to the next, one season to the next. We’ve all sacrificed comfort for looking spectacular but besides looking fabulous, fashion should also fun and comfortable to wear.

Aside from the world’s fascination with celebrities’ glitz and glamour (or downfall of it) lives, there’s also a huge interest in their fashion style and sense. Magazines regularly feature what these celebrities are wearing out and about, their red carpet style and everything else in between. They know they are being judged by a good portion of the world’s population by what they wear, how they look when they are out in the public eye. So they hire stylists to style them, turn to designers for the latest looks and turn up to the hottest events knowing they look fabulous. Most of them have a signature look which we have become accustomed to recognize so. This one will be in our next post so stay tuned!

Style and fashion is important and plays a big influence in our everyday lives and to some it may be of greater significance than others. We recognize fashion is a universal aspect and there is great love for it by many women. We LOVE fashion and it is the very reason for the existence of our online boutique. We carry a range of beautiful dresses that include cocktail dresses, party dresses, club wear dresses, casual dresses and more from fashionable districts such as Los Angeles, France, Italyand the United Kingdom. So if you’re looking for fabulous styles, superior craftsmanship and all things fashion, we’ve got it all covered. For 10% off first orders visit us today at www.enviousfashions.com.au

Happy shopping stylish ladies!

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