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Cobalt Blue Styling Tips

Cobalt blue, also known as royal blue  is one of the most popular statement colors in fashion for it’s ease of wear and bold statement appeal without being over the top. We published a blog post How To Wear Cobalt Blue last year and received a lot of questions about how to style cobalt blue clothing with accessories, shoes and how to wear the color.

We’ve decided to revisit this gorgeous color and show you more looks which will help you style this gorgeous color that is universally flattering and is fabulous for a day or night wear. Hot on the runway, celebrities opting for this color for red carpet events and fashion bloggers rocking this hue, it shows the versatility of the color. Whether you want to make a striking statement in head to toe cobalt blue or opt for subtle pieces of cobalt blue, check out the looks below for cobalt blue styling inspiration.

Cobalt blue on the runway

cobalt blue runway trends

Cobalt blue worn by A Listers on the red carpet

cobalt blue celebrities red carpet

Street style fashion bloggers rockin’ cobalt blue

street style fashion bloggers cobalt bluePops of cobalt blue

cobalt blue accessories street style

Shop cobalt blue dresses 

cobalt blue dresses Make a statement with cobalt blue necklaces

cobalt blue necklaces accessories

Colors to wear with cobalt blue;

  • Black and white
  • Color blocking
  • Patterns and prints
  • Metallics

Read further on color styling guide: cobalt blue for further styling tips of this beautiful statement hue.

Questions or comments? Feel free to leave us what’s on your mind in the comments section below.


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Fashion Insider: What Fashion Retailers Do With Their Unsold Merchandize

fashion retailers dumping excess stock

Fashion comes and go. Trends come and go. The fashion industry is a hugely competitive industry and in order to stay afloat in the trade there are many things behind the scenes of just “selling clothes” that a brand/business must do in order to survive. One of the many imperative issues with fashion retailers is stock. This means, predicting what trends will be popular and purchasing for the next season. How much to order to meet customer demands? What if the sales forecast for demand is wrong?

It may never cross a consumer’s mind the processes retailers embark in the process of sourcing, buying and promoting merchandize in store. Would it be safe to say that consumers see only how trendy and appealing the clothing pieces look on the mannequins and racks? Beyond this, there is more to just the mere practice of “selling clothes”. There is a profusion of research, planning, budgeting and forecasting. Any errors in any given element of these processes may and will likely result in inaccurate results which may affect the level of sales and stock planning, thus, leading to a surplus of excess stock at the end of the period.

We decided to share with you a few insider fashion secrets after we had several customers ask about the same thing. The question “What do fashion stores do with their leftover (unsold) clothes?” Good question. Have you noticed retailers often advertise “end of season stock clearance” frequently every few months? With the amount of stock the large retailers carry in terms of styles, colours and sizes, surely, not every single piece will sell? No, they don’t.

So what do they do with all these unsold merchandize? The short answer, they either dump in landfills or have it sent to factories with industrial shredders and have the clothing pieces destroyed. Much to the dismay of environmentalists and charity houses, large retailers do this in order to protect their brands and avoid their clothing lines to flood the market and land in the hands of people who they deem “undesirable” for their brand image, i.e homeless people. Despite the ethics behind this practice of destroying perfectly good clothing that should ideally be contributed towards goodwill causes to help the needy, it is a common practice with large clothing retailers. In January 2009, a New York graduate student, Cynthia Magnus reported to The New York Times to expose leading American retailer, H&M dumping bags and bags of their store clothing outside bin collections.

What did she find H&M staff doing to the excess clothing? Read more to find out the secrets of the fashion industry and what they do with unsold stock.

Got a comment or question? Share us your thoughts and leave it in the comments section below.


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Sexy What? Umm…the Under Bum Cleavage

It’s been a melting hot summer the past couple of months in Australia with the temperature reaching 45 degrees celcius (113 Fahrenheit), the weather finally seems to be settling down and cooling off.

Summer is always great because you see the flock of cute outfits such as rompers, playsuits, playful skirts and adorable shorts. Well, that’s in an idealist fashion world. The truth is, we have been seeing a lot of freely “hanging” or peeping body parts of late. While we believe showing a bit of skin is fabulous because the female body is oh so sexy and sensual, it is a different story when a body part pops out from it’s intended residence and/or squirms it’s way out from a clothing item. Got the picture yet?

Well, in short, we’ve been spotting and gotten one too many glimpses of under butt cleavage. Clothing bottoms that are a barely there fit or too small of a fit worn naturally will create the gluteus in the rears to well…escape from some direction.

A quick snapshot…


Maybe we just don’t “get” the fashion trend these days…We have always and still perceived fashion as a way to express our individualism as well as have fun experimenting with different trends, styles and looks. Some trends aren’t meant to be celebrated in so many ways  and we must say, for us, this trend of the current eminent under bum cleavage will be looked past.

We do love short shorts… on the basis everything is kept within the space it was intended. Here’s our Lookbook on wearing short shorts. Whilst your under bum cleavage may not feel as breezy as per the photos shown above but you will look more chic and cute.


Chunky Mosiac Bangle available at Envious Fashions website for only $8.95

What do you think of this under bum cleavage style that’s been meandering the fashion scene?



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The Party Edit: Shimmer & Shine Tops

How the year just flies by! The team here at Envious Fashions is abuzz with the festive season spirit and we’re sure you are just as busy leading up to the party season.

Enjoy the festivities of Christmas and be well dressed in sparkly pieces that not only will not only make you feel amazing but also look it too.

Shop our top pick sparkly top for Christmas 2013….the “Temptress” Backless sequin top which is available in purple and gold.


“Temptress” backless purple sequin top $39.95


“Temptress” backless gold sequin top $39.95

These backless sequin tops are the perfect sparkly top are fabulous to work different looks. Team with a pair of dark wash or light wash denim jeans for an effortlessly sexy chic look. Wear this backless sequin top with a pair of denim or dress shorts. Also looks great with a denim skirt. You can also team with a pair of wet look high waisted leggings for an edgy glam look.
There are so many way you can work the look with this backless sequin top and no matter what you team it with, you will be looking stunning hot!



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LOOKBOOK: High Waisted Leopard Print Leggings

Leopard print, teamed with neutral colors and gold make an ultra glam combo for any occasion.

Check out our LOOKBOOK featuring “Tigress” high waisted leopard print leggings, $27.95 available from our website.

What’s your mid week outfit?





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How To Wear Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is a hot trending color straight off the catwalks for Autumn/Winter 2013.

While it’s great to follow the “in season” trending colors, sometimes it’s not all that practical to follow those trending colors because it is not a wardrobe practical color.

For example, take the neon trend. We love neon colors. But for some, this color just is not a versatile or practical color to combine in with their other color preferences and wear.  Further, that would explain why neutral colors have most people prefer and pick neutral colors to their wardrobe pieces for it’s versatility to look perfectly polished and chic with any other piece, regardless of season or weather.

With the cooler upcoming months, many of us would be pulling out the darker colors of mostly blacks and greys. The days are slowly losing it’s vibrancy and warmth so why should we let our outfit be as gloomy and dark?

That’s why this Autumn/Winter’s hot trending color – cobalt blue is a hot pick for your winter wardrobe.

Cobalt blue is another description for electric blue.

Rather than being bold for the season, cobalt blue will take you from one season to another. It looks great when teamed with blacks, whites, greys and metallic accents and detailing.

You can wear it as a whole outfit or if you’re more on the conservative side with color, wear it in small doses by mixing it in print patterns. Alternatively, pick cobalt blue accessories to add a bright pop of chic color to your outfit.

What’s more, cobalt blue is a color that can be worn by women of any age without having to regarding the suitability of their age against the shade to wear it.

Cobalt blue is the perfect mix of trendy and sophistication for any season, any weather and any occasion.

So to ensure you maximize the chic appeal of cobalt blue follow these simple tips to nailing the color and your look.

How to wear cobalt blue: 

  • Don’t go head to toe cobalt blue. That’s just tacky. Instead break it up with complimentary colors to the shade such as nudes, beiges, gold, silvers, whites and blacks. So if you’re wearing a cobalt color dress, don’t match your handbag or shoes to the dress but rather compliment it with a pair of patent nude pumps, white bangle or gold accessories.
  • Avoid dark colors such as mauves, browns or teal that will offset or distract the stunning hue of cobalt blue.
  • Compliment the cobalt blue by teaming gold or silver accessories with your cobalt blue dress. Or you an try a black statement necklace or earrings with your cobalt blue dress for a classic chic look.

Check out our LookBook featuring our “Oceans” wrap dress (belt included) $39.95 for inspiration to wearing a cobalt blue dress.


Check out these stylish celebs rocking the cobalt blue color.


Here’s cobalt blue hot off the catwalk…winter-fashion-2013-trend-color-cobalt-blue-

Make this color part of your winter wardrobe today!










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Still Trending Strong: Peplums

When the peplum trend first hit the fashion scene a few seasons ago, there was mixed reactions to this style trend.

Some women embraced the peplum trend while some women shook their heads to this style.

It was one of those love it or hate it trend.

For the women who embraced the style. the saw the peplum’s power of creating multiple different looks, in different apparel pieces and for different occasions.

On the other hand, it is also understandable to those women who weren’t that keen on the peplum trend. Many women flinch at the idea of adding extra bulk around their torso.

That is a realistic thought but rather than see the peplum as contemptuous to your figure, learn to love the peplum style that will enhance, highlight and flatter your curves.

The first and foremost thing to do is determine what your body shape is.

Is it….

  • An hourglass shape?
  • Inverted triangle shape?
  • Triangle shape?
  • Square shape?

body-shapesHere’s how to pick the best peplum style for your body shape:


Curvy girls need not to be afraid of the peplum! In fact, it looks feminine and accentuate your curves beautifully. Being an hourglass shape means that you are already well proportioned and do not need to add any extra curves to your hip area. To best accentuate your curves, steer clear from picking pepulms with bold patterns and stripes around the hips area as this will make you appear unecessarily fuller.

Celebs with an hourglass shape includes:

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Kate Winslet
  • Beyonce
  • Scarlett Johansson

Wedge/Inverted Triangle:

This type of body shape defines women with broader upper body than the lower body. The peplum works wonderfully to balance out your shape. You can afford to pick details and pattern with your peplum dress.

Celebs with a wedge/inverted triangle shape includes:

  • Jessica Alba
  • Jessica Biel
  • Megan Fox
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Britney Spears


Women with a triangular body shape is the reverse of the wedge/ inverted triangle. You will have narrower shoulders and waist than your hips. You may have a small bust and large hips. To best choose a peplum for the triangle body shape, opt for an interesting neckline pepulm dress and minimal frills around the hip area to avoid making your lower half look bulk.

Celebs with a triangle shape includes:

  • Rihanna
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Teri Hatcher
  • Giselle Bundchen
  • Reneé Zellweger

Rectangle Body Shape:

The rectangular body shape is characterized by the same shape being carried from the top to the lower body, meaning, the proportions are very similar with the shoulders and hips.

The peplum can add extra definition to wear it is needed, being around the hips and butt. Pick a peplum dress that is fitted up top and bottom and a full peplum to show off your curves. You can also incorporate bright colors, prints or color block for an amazing look.

Celebs with a rectangular shape includes:

  • Cameron Diaz
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Anne Hathaway
  • Jennifer Garner
  • Naomi Watts

Check out our LookBook featuring our gorgeous turquoise “Jade” peplum mini dress. Available at our website for $34.95.

turquoise-peplum-mini-dressDo you love the peplum trend? Leave your comments in the comments section below! 🙂

Happy reading fashionistas!

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Golden Girl: How To Wear A Gold Dress

Gold used to be a color that the younger women would turn their backs on because it was often perceived as an “old lady” color.

That perception has certainly changed of late with the mad craze for all things gold, gold and more gold!

Gold is now considered one of the hottest fashion colors and a must have color for every fashionista out there; both in clothing and fashion accessories.

Gold adds a dazzling touch to your outfit and it can be styled so many different ways that is glam and possesses unmatched style statement.

Gold is super versatile and you can go for a  statement bold outfit or more subtle with jewellery and accessories.

How To Wear A Gold Dress

Doning a gold dress will ensure all eyes are on you as you step into the room. And you want all eyes on you for the right reason.


  • Choose a dress that really compliments your body shape. Pick a style of dress that you love and one that makes you feel and look totally fabulous. The easy way to do this is pick a body feature of yours that you really like. Your cleavage? Your legs? Your booty? Go ahead and pick a dress that will highlight the feature you want to show off.
  • Wear the gold dress  according to the occasion. For a fancier occasion, you can go all out glam with the gold dress with darker eye makeup. Go for a bronze tone eyeshadow and experiment with a smokey bronze with a gold eyeshadow or glitter for that extra pizzaz. Add sparkly gold jewellery to compliment the occasion and a pair of killer heels with gold tone accents. Gold does not have to be all for a dressier occasion and you can dress it down by the choice of accessories and other clothing pieces you pair with gold. Wear a denim jacket and a pair of boots to carry a casual yet still uber chic look.
  • Confidence. Yes. Wearing gold requires confidence. Who would’ve thought? When you wear the gold dress, you will stand out. The goal here is to look effortlessly chic and ooze confidence. The point here is that you are making a bold statement, featuring the dress. You want to turn heads and wow people, not only with the gold dress but also with the way you carry yourself. The key is, you should feel good about what you’re wearing. This will really shine through and project the confidence. This is the reason for pointer #1 when we say to choose a dress you really love, highlights your best feature/s and makes you look stunning. When you feel good, you look fabulous.

Check out our LookBook below featuring our super chic long sleeve lace gold dress “Show Stopper”.

Take advantage of the special price we’re offer of $24.95 for a limited time! Was $37.95, that’s a saving of 34%!

Enter code: flash123


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Weekend Outfit Planning: LookBook

Thank god it’s Friday! We can hear the sounds of relief all around all the surrounding buildings.

Walking down the street this morning it was a different sight to yesterday. People are walking with their heads held high, more smiles, more chitter chatter and dressed in their casual Friday attire, people just appear to be happier.

Friday’s a great day to check out what other women are wearing. Checking out their fashion style, their outfits and in general enjoy the casual attire to the last four day’s worth of corporate wear.

What will you be doing this weekend? More precisely, what will you be wearing this weekend?

Will you just be relaxing with a comfy outfit or will you be heading out somewhere fancy and dress to the nines?

Here is our weekend outfit planning LookBook for a a movie night and a nice smart casual dinner.


“Hope Floats” sheer chiffon black blouse available from our website. Click here to go to go to our website to purchase.

What do you think of this weekend outfit? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Happy weekend lovelies!

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March Promotion – Free Shipping 10 days only!

free shipping envious fashions

Horrahh! This month we’re offering FREE SHIPPING* on all orders!

Sit back, relax and enjoy browsing our website and free shipping with your order. Ahhh…the indulgence of online retail therapy…no crowd…no hassle.

Hurry in, free shipping is valid for 10 days only!


Promotion T&C

  • Free shipping applies to orders over AUD $25.00
  • Not valid with any other promotion or offers
  • Free shipping not applicable to footwear
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