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The Photoshop Diet: What’s Real And What’s Not

We never realized being a supermodel with a flawless figure is so hard!

Doutzen Kroes spills the beans on how she feels guilty for her own perfect figure makes girls feel uncomfortable and self conscious about their own bodies. Hrmm…what a tough life.


The hard life. Doutzen Kroes

She tells in an interview with Page Six “Sometimes it makes me feel guilty that I am now in this profession that makes certain girls insecure. I wake up sometimes like, this is not what I look like in the magazine. Who is this visitor in the bathroom?”


It’s hard looking this hot all the time. Really.

It’s no secret that models and celebrities in showbiz are under a lot of pressure to look nothing less of perfect but when they fall short of that expectation and standard, there’s the good old airbrushing tactic. While we know the fashion and entertainment industry portrays women to be of a certain nature and while we realize some of these expectations and body images are unrealistic and exaggerated, we still feel pressurized to look a certain way.

Below we want to share with you the images portrayed and shown in the media are of pure alterations and enhancement by digital means. Yes, some are more models and celebrities with already pretty amazing bodies but even then, they still go through minor enhancements. It’s a sad thing that these media portrayals result in women to becoming insecure about their body images but it is about being a healthy weight for your body, comfortable in your own skin and realizing these images are doctored with the intention to make monetary gains.


Britney Spears

After Britney’s downward spiral with her public meltdown, it seems it’s been hard for her to get her body back on track. This photo here clearly highlights the photo-shop worked down on Britney’s body for a magazine cover.

Britney’s recent comeback sees her looking better than before but even videography filters and editing was not ruled out. The image below was a leaked image from Britney’s most recent single release, Work B!tch. Britney is sporting a much tighter and toned tummy in the touched up video edit and also slimmer thighs.


Britney Spears in her newest music video clip


Britney Spears Live

This picture here shows Britney Spears at one of her live concerts in a midriff bearing top. It’s a far cry from the abs she has for magazine shoots, album covers and promo photo materials as below for Shape magazine.


Britney Spears for Shape Magazine 2013.


Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba looks pretty darn good as she does but she’s not exempt from having her waist tweeked to a smaller waist size and also slimmer thighs.


Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is photo-shopped and airbrushed  for the perfect hourglass, feminine sexy shape. Perfect curves given by digital enhancements.


Mariah Carey at a beach in LA

A natural shot of Mariah Carey at a beach in LA.


Kate Hudson

No chest? No worries! Photoshop will give you a natural and any size breasts you desire. Kate Hudson seen here on the left in her natural form with a small A cup chest and on the right is a retouched image of her breasts to a large cup size for the promo photo of her movie “Fool’s Gold.”


Victoria Beckham

No butt? No problems! Photoshop will give you that full and perky butt that is lusted after. Victoria Beckham is particularly known for her behind yet she sported a very full and voluptuous butt in her perfume campaign with David Beckham. Ahh, the magic of enhancements for body parts to increase or decrease.


Jennifer Aniston

While most of us would kill for Jen’s yoga body, this tummy isn’t quite good enough for the standards of magazines where it appears they have smoothed out the “extra” tummy bits.


Jennifer Aniston

Yes, Jen does look pretty darn good and while she’s perfectly fine au naturel as seen by her sunbathing on the beaches and hotel pools, that bit of retouching is needed to make her body picture perfect.


Jennifer Lopez

Promo shot of Jennifer Lopez to promote her album. Tanned, bronzed, sexy and….tight abs.



Yes, J.Lo does have a bangin’ hot body with all her curves and impressive set of abs. Bear in mind that many of the professional shots are specifically shot from certain angles to best capture the body and features of the model or celebrity. Lighting and makeup also play a big role as with the final editing touches to the photo which we are exposed to and at times seemingly, impossible to obtain. In this particular picture of J.Lo, the angle of the photo is very flattering to the abs. Leaned back position which flattens the tummy and shows great definition. Fret not….


Jennifer Lopez Live

Ahhh…yes, there are days when those abs of Ms Lopez aren’t out to play. Compare this photo to those of the magazines and promotional shots, these abs pictured are a far cry from the flat, toned and fab abs on display.


Ms Lopez

Refreshing photo. This is the kind of body that you would most likely see on the beach. Not perfect but beautiful as an untouched and natural way.

At the end of all this, there is no real quick or easy way to maintain that bikini body without the dedication and commitment to a healthy lifestyle which is a combination of nutrition and exercise. If these photos are anything to go by, we’d call it a “photoshop diet” because well, the models and celebrities are in their best shape thanks to digital help. Other than that, they have body hang ups just like the rest of us mere women. Despite having the luxury of have personal chefs and trainers to get them in shape, sometimes it takes more than just external help to achieve the ultimate body goal, yourself.

Take care of your body and love it inside and out!


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Fashion 101: Dressing For Your Age

Fashion is something that females have always been interested in, if not an obsession for some. Fashion is great in so many ways in the sense that you can express yourself through your clothes and accessories, feel stylish, glam and  overall, just look and feel good in your fashion attire.

Trends is an external factor that affects our style and it’s also a natural progression that our style will change when we enter different age groups. Some people make a fabulous fashion transition to suit their changing selves but for some,  the shift just doesn’t happen and if it does, not quite right.

Even celebrities who have stylists at their disposal aren’t immune to this fashion crime. Just goes to show money does not equate to style. Let’s see…

Heidi Klum

Yes you’re a Victoria Secret Angel. But you’re also a year away from hitting the 4-0 and have one..two..three..four…and we lost count of how many kids you have. Cover up a bit and do your kids proud with less skin.

Heidi Klum dress

Heidi Klum…yes you’re hot but cover up for the sake of your kids!

Vanessa Williams

With all that fortune you’d think you could pull out a strapless bra to wear with tops like these. And honestly, a contrasting bra strap showing is just not classy. Vanessa, this look might of worked at 20 something but at 48 it’s time to ditch the bra strap look and opt for a little more concealment of your undergarment.

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa…you’re old enough for a strapless bra

Jennifer Lopez

Yep, we all know that Jennifer works really hard to get a body like that and there’s nothing wrong with showing off all the effort…just not in something that is more suitable to someone who’s half your age.

Jennifer Lopez

JLo…let the ladies half yoru age rock this look ok?

Melanie Griffith

She’s renown for her addiction to plastic surgery to hold onto her youth. Certain garments shouldn’t be held onto or worn when you’re at age 54. Leggings is one of them.

Melanie Griffith

Melanie, leave the leggings at home…your daughter will be proud.


Mariah Carey

Mariah’s known for her impressive vocal chords but over the last few years she’s more famous for her choice of clothing over anything else, probably even more so than her diva demands. She once said she feels like a twelve year old at heart, it does not mean you should dress like one! Pardon that, that’s a very scantily dressed twelve year old! With all that fame and fortune, cover up, show some class and retire those too little hotpants, outerwear bodysuits and too skin tight dresses. It’s more embarrassing than sexy.

Mariah Carey

MC! Save this outfit for your own private time

Linda Hogan

Ok this is a bit of a barf in the mouth. This is Linda Hogan – Hulk Hogan’s ex wife. Besides her taste for very young fashion (if not a bit stripper-y) she also has a penchant for much younger men. She’s presently engaged to one of her son’s former high school classmates – Charlie Hill.

Linda Hogan

A bit too much tan, a bit too much of a thigh split, a bit too much of an age gap with your toy boy. Cradle snatcher alert!

The classy age gap? She’s 52 and he’s 22.

On the contrary there’s celebs who are young but have decided to raid their nana’s closet before their due time.

Taylor Swift

She’s only a teen and credit is given to her for not falling into the same boat as her rival performers such as Miley Cyrus who tries too desperately to break free of her youth image. Having said that, you can still be young and sexy without going OTT with skanky or too conservative and outright daggy and old! There’s a fine line and Taylor, hire a stylist to help you!

Taylor Swift

Taylor…you’re only 22, save this outfit for another 22 years into the future.

Jessica Biel

She’s just married one of the most eligible bachelors in Tinsletown but her style sense has somewhat gone from screen siren to frump and nanna-like. JT’s known to be pretty fashion savvy himself so he just may need to step in and help Jess bring sexy back.

Jessica Biel

Whatever happened to the stylish Ms Biel? You’re married, not a nun!

Selena Gomez

She’s young and gorgeous and at the peak time of her years to dress in adorable bubble skirts and dresses, prints, florals and all things that resonate youth and liberation. While this dress Selena is wearing is fab it’s something that her slightly older counterpart would look better in.

Selena Gomez

Selena, you’re a young pretty thing, have some fun with bright bold colours


Until next post, stay beautiful fashionistas!



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