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Top 10 Things Men Want Women To Stop Wearing

So you think you’re pretty chic and hip rocking the latest fashion trends? Trends like the shift dress, or perhaps the ever popular bandage dress? Think again!

We published a blog post in 2012 titled “Women’s Top Fashion Trend Fails…According to Men” (a two part blog series) which we showed everyday men a series of women’s fashion trends. The reaction was quite epic and well, it was an entertaining interview process! Missed it?

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Well, it was such a fun blog post to write we thought we’d round up a new set of guys to ask what they thought of certain women’s fashion. Now this post isn’t saying that women dress for men, nor saying they should. It is a a fun and explicit blog post to seek the opinions of males on their conscious thoughts about some women’s fashion trends.

Here is the verdict of the top 10 things men want women to STOP WEARING!

1. Ugg Boots

“Why do women feel the need to wear ugg boots outside? It’s not a public footwear kind of thing, every girl I’ve seen wear it looks cheap, dirty and just plain not hot!” – James, 26, Civil Engineer

“A woman who wears ugg boots outside has no class, well at least, she’s showing the world she has no class. Not hot.” – Jamie, 29, Mortgage Specialist


No no to ugg boots

2. Drop Crotch Pants/Harem Pants

“I see some women wear those pants that really isn’t flattering but those pants with the really low crotch does nothing to flatter a woman’s body. I cease to understand why or how a woman can think that is remotely stylish and it makes it god damn impossible to see if she has any junk in that trunk.” – Josh, 28, Finance Broker

“They look plain stupid. I have no idea why they would even be considered a trend in fashion.” –¬†Caleb, 22, Sales Representative¬†

“God lord, I have nothing to say about this. Horrible to say the least.” – Jason, 29, Business Analyst


Money doesn’t buy you style…hear that Gwen?!?


A trend that most men seem to hate with a passion…harem pants/drop crotch pants

3. Slimming Undergarments/Spanx

“This is like false advertising. You’re presented with something totally appealing and awesome and then later, you’re revealed to something else that you hadn’t anticipated. It’s like online shopping. You go online and see the product you like, it looks so appealing and you can’t wait to get it. When you do, it’s like a disappointment. I can apply this to the Big Mac analogy. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with wearing this but it’s like…misleading! A woman should just embrace her curves. If she has imperfections, wear something that is more flattering. Well I guess, this thing [Spanx] makes the woman more appealing in the dress but come on, maybe just not wear a dress that is so tight?” – Simon, 27, IT Technician

“Are you saying that’s not all to Beyonce’s junk in her trunk?!?!?!” – Vince, 25, Accountant

“Woman should just be happy with their curves and slight imperfections. We, men, don’t notice half the things you’re overly concerned about with your body. We think it’s beautiful and you should embrace your womanly shape.” – Kurt, 28, Investment Banker


Celebs…they are only human after all!


Queen B also needs a lending hand from Spanx


Celebrity Spanx fans

Kim Kardashian Spanx in red dress

Kim Kardashian loves her Spanx

4. Ultra Chunky Platform Wedges/Heels

“Why would you want to make your feet look so much more bigger and unflattering in shoes like that?” – Jerome, 26, Mechanic

“Whenever I see shoes like these, all I can hear is CLOMP, CLOMP, CLOMP!! Not sexy.” – Vin, 24, Teacher


5. Kitten Heels

“They look kind of weird. It’s like you can’t decide between wearing flats or heels so you go for something in between. Heels are hot on a woman but when I see a woman wear this, it reminds me of an old lady trying to be stylish.” – Baz, 29, Business Development Manager


Flat or heel? Men aren’t digging the midi heel

6. High Waisted Shorts

“These shorts elongate a girl’s butt and I can’t tell if she has a cute butt or not because the shorts just deforms the shape of the butt. Stick to normal shorts ladies.” – David, 26, Civil Engineer

“I don’t know why girls love these high waist shorts. Sometimes I see girls wear them and the shorts are pulled so high up their butt cheeks are visible. Now is this a trend that we’re all supposed to be loving and think it is stylish? Maybe because I’m a guy, but I don’t see the appeal in that, might as well just wear your undies. Oh, and back to the high waist thing, women want to have cute perky butts, so why would you go out of your way to make it look flatter and less than flattering in these shorts?” – Jimmy, 27, Personal Trainer


Girls love high waisted shorts, the guys…not so much

7. Cheap Hair Extensions

“Trashy!” – Lincoln, 25, Drafter

“Looks terrible.” – Steve, 25, Software Developer

“I thought women took more pride in their hair and makeup than this?” – Tony, 26, Medical Student


With all that money, you’d think Ms Spears would have some decent hair extensions!


Britney offends again


And again…

8. Too Much Makeup

Us women love the smokey eye makeup look. Men…not so much. They much prefer a woman showing her natural beauty and if wearing makeup, keep it minimal. A clean and sheer base, such as a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, dusted with a bit of powder to keep the shine at bay. A few coats of mascara, a bit of blush on the cheeks for that sexy glow and a pink/nude lip.


Ahh, Katie Price aka Jordan’s trademark look


Easy on the eye makeup Katie!


Women love the smoky eye look…men think this is too much.

“Kim’s makeup looks nice here but it still looks like too much makeup. She looks like she’s wearing a lot of foundation.” – Russell, 26, Investment Advisor


Women think this makeup look and style is hot and even though it is tame compared to the other makeup photos, men still think it’s a bit too much.

9. Onesies

“I seriously don’t get this trend. I don’t know how it is even a trend.” – Paolo, 23, Graduate Engineer


Onesie….jumpsuit…men aren’t fans of this trend

Cheryl Cole onesie leopard print

Cheryl’s curves…hidden underneath this onesie

10. Leopard Print

“Reminds me of cheap street walkers.” – Jamie, 30, Journalist

“I never understood the animal print thing. Are you trying to look like you’re wearing an animal?” – Colin, 26, Advertising Executive


Leopard print…

Sarah Harding leopard print trousers

Men don’t see the appeal of leopard prints

Ladies, so what do you think of these trends which men are opposed to? Let us know your thoughts!

Gentlemen, do you agree with what these men’s opinions about the highlighted women’s fashion trends?

We’d love to hear the ladies and men’s thoughts on this post. Please leave your comments below!


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