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Formal & Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets

A piece (or a couple) of jewelry can truly set off and compliment an outfit, especially when it comes to formal dresses such as bridal dress, bridesmaid’s dresses, prom or school ball gown. These occasions call for jewelry pieces that are elegant, sophisticated and something quite dazzling. Jewelry sets are the perfect jewelry items to accompany the special occasion’s dress. What’s more, jewelry sets take away the hassle of having to coordinate separate jewelry pieces together.

These stunning jewelry sets are the perfect finishing jewelry accessories to go with your formal dress. Whether you want the simplicity of an effortless elegant look to a bold and statement item, we have a set that will compliment your gown amazingly.

The jewelry sets featured are made from ultra dazzling crystal rhinestones that shine brilliantly under natural and party lights. Each necklace and earring set is designed in a style that is encrusted with the sparkly rhinestones for a spectacular glam look.

If you are after a classic and sophisticated necklace and earring set, check out the “Timeless Beauty” jewelry set, $29.95.

jewelry-necklace-sets“Simple Beauty” rhinestone necklace set, $29.95

rhinestone necklace set

If you want something more glamorous and make a statement, check out these dazzling necklace and earring jewelry sets.

The “Hollywood Beauty” bridal necklace & earring set, $49.95

Bridal and formal jewelry set

“Royal Beauty” Formal Jewelry Set, $49.95

Formal jewelry set

“Exquisite Beauty” Wedding Necklace & Earring Set, $39.95

wedding necklace & earring set

“Classic Beauty” Formal Diamond Necklace Set, $34.95

Formal Diamond Necklace Set

“Romantic Beauty” Wedding Necklace Set, $29.95

wedding necklace setGrab these stunning LIMITED EDITION jewelry set for your next special occasion. Compliment your evening gowns/bridal dresses with these featured sets.

Click on the product images to go our our website to BUY NOW!

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What’s Hot: The Geometric Necklace

We love accessories in the sense that it can instantaneously make an outfit from so-so to looking absolutely fab.

Accessorizing with jewellery is a whole lot of fun that requires very little investment in the piece itself, so easy to style on those lazy days but you end up looking a million bucks.

If you’re a jewellery lover like us, you’re probably always scouting to see what you can add to your jewellery collection and that perfect jewellery piece that’s currently hot in season.

What’s hot and loving right now is the geometric trend. The geometric jewellery trend is our hot pick and is so fab because it adds creates variety and dimension to an outfit. Our top pick is the geometric necklace. It’s funky with a retro vibe with an added disco-esque touch that adds the chic and cool factor to your ensemble.

Whether it’s a casual kind of day for you in a pair of jeans and t-shirt, add the geometric necklace to bring out that street funky vibe to your look. Or you can wear the geometric necklace with a short dress, maxi dress or a combo of shorts and crop top. Looks great with a cocktail dress or for night time occasions.

The geometric necklace trend is hot, and celebs sure think so too! Kim Kardashian, who’s always on the forefront of trends, is seen rocking the geometric necklace on several different occasions with different outfits. The geometric necklace adds a serious glam factor to an outfit so there’s plenty to love about this gorgeous jewellery piece.

Check out the celebs rocking the geometric necklace!


Nicole Ritchie loves the geometric necklace and totally rocking it.


Nicole rocking the boho chic look with her geometric necklace


Boho + geometric necklace = SASSY


Kim Kardashian…always on the forefront of trends


The socialite wearing the geometric necklace with a cocktail dress. She should look a lot happier considering her looks pretty good in her dress paired with the geometric necklace.


Kristen Cavallari adding the geometric necklace to her casual ensemble.

These geometric necklaces seen on A-Lister’s cost up to $250+ and well, that’s a bit pricey by our humble spending. Fret not! We have the geometric necklace for….wait for it, only $6.95!


Retro geometric necklace available at Envious Fashions online store for only $6.95

How is that for a bargain buy! And a jewellery piece that is so versatile and funky! Click here to buy the geometric necklace from our website.

Have a photo of you wearing the geometric necklace? Please share with us!



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10 Best Styling Tips

Knowing the basics of styling can mean you will be able to save a lot of hard earned cash and the ability to look amazing and be ultra versatile with what you already have in your wardrobe.

Looking good doesn’t necessarily mean always following the latest fashion trends and styles but rather working existing fashion pieces to make you look up to the minute, make you feel confident and of course, look superb.

Follow a few of these basic styling tips to your daily dressing and outfits and you’ll be a savvy styling fashionista in a flash every…day.

Here is our top 10 basic styling tips:

  • Invest in wardrobe staples: These include white tanks, black singlets, blouses, blazers, black leggings etc. These pieces will stand the test of time and fashion seasons. They are also highly versatile to create any look for any occasion and ensure you will look chic and flawless every time.


  • Know your body shape: By knowing your body shape enables you to maximize your best assets and disguise those features which aren’t so flash. Also, it will ensure you will have the best fit and flattering silhouette when you shop for clothing. Sometimes not all trends will suit every one of us and while some pull it off flawlessly, it doesn’t mean all of us can achieve that. Some people may say that if you have the confidence to wear it, you will look good and be able to pull it off. Could be a bit of a controversy but we think not. If it’s a trend that you don’t think you can pull off, it’s probably best to not try it out in public.
  • The Little Black Dress: Well, this is an obvious one. Works every time when you have “nothing to wear” or feel bloated. Makes you look amazing. Makes you feel great. What’s more to it? It’s a must have and there’s never too many LBDs to have in your closet. Have a few casual little black dresses for day and a few more little black dresses for night wear. You are completely covered fashionista.


  • The magical powers of high heels: A pair of heels can instantaneously transform a look. One minute, plain to next minute sexy siren. A pair of patent nude pumps and black pump heels works for any and all occasions.


  • Find your signature look: Just like Victoria Beckham is known for her polished, sleek and fitted outfits to Sienna Miller’s gypsy boho look. Experiment and find out what looks work best for you, flatter you and stick with it. A fool proof style never goes out of season.
  • When in doubt, it is better to overdress: That uncomfortable feeling when you feel out of place when you’re under-dressed. Maybe the invite or the occasion didn’t really specify the dress code but rather than feeling like you want to crawl into a hole and stay there because everyone else is dressed up, it is best to adopt the look that is prepped and polished rather than out of place under-dressed.
  • Update a look with accessories: The best way to update a look or outfit is to add accessories. For a casual or rather simplistic outfit, add a statement accessory item to jazz up the look. Whether this be a statement necklace, earrings or chunky bangles, the accessories are only limited to your imagination. The easiest way to reinvent and update your look with minimal spend and effort!


  • Have a good tailor: A good tailor goes a long way. Sometimes we have that piece of clothing that we’re high sentimental and it just cannot be re-purchased. Find a local tailor who does an awesome job at mending your clothes. P.S We have a in house tailor at our Perth store location who does a variety of alterations to evening dresses, dresses, trousers and more. During the ball season, we have a high demand for evening gown alterations for the perfect fit. Contact us for more information.
  • Add some sparkle: It’s amazing just by adding something sparkly makes all the difference to an outfit. You instantly look glam which makes you feel confident.
  • Be trendy and confident:  You’ll naturally look more amazing in what you wear when you ooze the confidence when wearing your outfit. Having a knack for knowing what’s hot is a great thing but it’s also about finding a style that looks hot on you and then finding trending pieces to incorporate into your look. Be comfortable and confident and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through your fashion outfits. Be proud of your style and have fun!

Happy styling!

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Golden Girl: How To Wear A Gold Dress

Gold used to be a color that the younger women would turn their backs on because it was often perceived as an “old lady” color.

That perception has certainly changed of late with the mad craze for all things gold, gold and more gold!

Gold is now considered one of the hottest fashion colors and a must have color for every fashionista out there; both in clothing and fashion accessories.

Gold adds a dazzling touch to your outfit and it can be styled so many different ways that is glam and possesses unmatched style statement.

Gold is super versatile and you can go for a  statement bold outfit or more subtle with jewellery and accessories.

How To Wear A Gold Dress

Doning a gold dress will ensure all eyes are on you as you step into the room. And you want all eyes on you for the right reason.


  • Choose a dress that really compliments your body shape. Pick a style of dress that you love and one that makes you feel and look totally fabulous. The easy way to do this is pick a body feature of yours that you really like. Your cleavage? Your legs? Your booty? Go ahead and pick a dress that will highlight the feature you want to show off.
  • Wear the gold dress  according to the occasion. For a fancier occasion, you can go all out glam with the gold dress with darker eye makeup. Go for a bronze tone eyeshadow and experiment with a smokey bronze with a gold eyeshadow or glitter for that extra pizzaz. Add sparkly gold jewellery to compliment the occasion and a pair of killer heels with gold tone accents. Gold does not have to be all for a dressier occasion and you can dress it down by the choice of accessories and other clothing pieces you pair with gold. Wear a denim jacket and a pair of boots to carry a casual yet still uber chic look.
  • Confidence. Yes. Wearing gold requires confidence. Who would’ve thought? When you wear the gold dress, you will stand out. The goal here is to look effortlessly chic and ooze confidence. The point here is that you are making a bold statement, featuring the dress. You want to turn heads and wow people, not only with the gold dress but also with the way you carry yourself. The key is, you should feel good about what you’re wearing. This will really shine through and project the confidence. This is the reason for pointer #1 when we say to choose a dress you really love, highlights your best feature/s and makes you look stunning. When you feel good, you look fabulous.

Check out our LookBook below featuring our super chic long sleeve lace gold dress “Show Stopper”.

Take advantage of the special price we’re offer of $24.95 for a limited time! Was $37.95, that’s a saving of 34%!

Enter code: flash123


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