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LookBook: Purple Fever

Purple is perfectly feminine and chic. When combined with gold, it makes a winning color combo.

This LookBook features purple and gold together for a look that is chic and stylish that is great for the upcoming festive season.


Perfect Color Combo: Purple & Gold
“Sunset Skies” Off Shoulder Dress $34.95
“Regal” Rhinestone Gold Clutch $25.95



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LOOKBOOK: From Daytime To Datetime

Here’s a fabulous outfit idea for Friday that can be perfectly worn as a daytime outfit at the office for casual Friday and without much effort, look amazing chic and sassy for a dinner date after 5.00pm.


A great outfit that can be taken from AM to PM.
Get the patent nude clutch bag for only $27.48 with promo discount code SALE50 to save 50% off the normal price of $54.95. “Camilla” slingback black heels also $27.48 if you use the promo code at discount. Woo hoo!



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Hot Look Pick: White Skort + Long Sleeve White Lace Top

We love fashion bloggers.And we’re totally loving this look fashion blogger Ariadnee Abreu from Brazil is rocking with the fab combo of the current trending hot white skort with a long sleeve lace top. It’s a simplistic look yet super stylish and chic and is super versatile to be worn for different occasions. Switch out the accessories and shoes and you’re pretty good to go for different occasions as it calls for it.

white-skort-long-sleeve-white-lace-topAriadnee Abreu

Fashion Blogger Ariadnee Adbreu rocking the white skort and long sleeve white lace top

While these two pieces work harmoniously together here as Adiadnee has styled the white skort and long sleeve white lace top, both pieces looks fab with other ensembles. We love the white skort and long sleeve white lace top because it’s timeless pieces that can be worn any season and look so chic.

The great news is you can get both these fabulous pieces; the white skort and the long sleeve white lace top for half price by using the promo code SALE50. How awesome is that?


“Lacey” long sleeve white lace top
Normal price: $29.95
With 50% sale promo code: $14.98


“Lulu” white skort
Normal price: $29.95
With 50% sale promo code: $14.98



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Trend Report: All White + White Skort

Here’s a hot trending style we love to share with you and it’s the all white + white skort ensemble.

Simple, crisp, clean, sassy, sexy, chic and oh-so stylish.

Fashion bloggers from all around the globe are rocking the white skort to their individual style and to say the least, it looks pretty amazingly hot. Here’s our top picks of the fashion bloggers rocking the all white trend featuring the white skort.

What do you think of this trend? Do you love it and would you rock it?


Absolute Perfection: Totally nailing the white on white trend with the white skort perfectly with a fitted tuxedo shoulder blazer and of course, the gorgeous Chanel bag. The gold accessorizing is perfection too. LOVE LOVE LOVE!


Fashion blogger rocking head to toe white


Fashion blogger at Dadouchic wearing the white skort


Chic and sexy in all white + white skort


Effortlessly chic…


Take this look from the office to the bar.

The white skort is a fashion staple this season so get it now at a special price of only $14.98 with promo code SALE50 when you enter at checkout. Take advantage of this bargain price as it is a saving of 50% from the normal selling price with our current promotion.


Get the “Lulu” skort now!
Normal price: $29.95
Enter promo code: SALE50 and get it for only $14.98



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LOOKBOOK: Winter In Northern Hemisphere

As summer approaches in the Southern Hemisphere, the Northern side of the Hemisphere is bracing for the cold months ahead. This doesn’t mean fashion is non existent! Winter months can still be entirely appropriately to look fashionably hot despite the sub cold weather!

Cosy up and check out our LOOKBOOK for a winter look. Do you like this look? Let us know in the comments section below.


Winter Style: Look Hot Through the Cold Days
“Irena” Double Breasted Trench Coat $52.95
Available at www.enviousfashions.com.au




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Trending: Point Toe White Pumps – Try the Trend!

If you’re in the summer hemisphere then summer is just around the corner. We’re spotting the point toe white pumps as the season’s hottest new trend. Although white is fabulous for summer, for those fashionistas in the Northern hemisphere of the world, the point toe white pumps also looks great incorporated into a monochrome outfit.

The white heel footwear has been traditionally dabbled in on only very lightly and it was once considered only the brave fashion trendsetters would venture. Why? Because it was often perceived to be “tacky” and reserved for the women who resembled the Stepford wives to wear them. Yes, the point toe white pumps can be a difficult trend to pull off and for the most part, most people aren’t sure how to style the white shoe look without creating a massive fashion faux paux. So, they would rather skip the risk of looking such part.

That being said, this shoe trend is coming back in a big way and when styled correctly with color-blocking, geometric pieces, monochrome and basic pieces, the point toe white pumps can smash the look out of the park.


Perfectly polished and chic teaming the point toe white pumps with denim

Check out the celebrities and fashion bloggers below for styling inspiration and how they are rocking the point toe white pumps trend.


Celebs wearing point toe white pumps: Rhianna, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow


More celebs wearing the point toe white pumps trend: Heidi Klum, Kate Beckingsale, Hilary Duff


Rosie Huntington-Whitely looking pretty and chic in all white with point toe white pumps and a cute strapless uneven hem dress


The ever stylish Jessica Alba in printed pants and point toe white pumps


The boho chic fashionista Nicole Ritchie rocking the all white look in point toe white pumps


Ciara pairing a pair of point toe white pumps with a mini dress for a sassy and sexy look


Queen of monochrome and fashion forward pieces, Victoria Beckham channels ladylike glam in a black long sleeve and skater skirt with point toe white pumps


Point toe white pumps hot on the runway


Fashion Blogger: The Bengal Buzz rocking point toe white pumps with a navy ensemble for a street style look


Perfect office look of white and navy combo: White top with a fitted high waisted skirt and perfectly finishing off with point toe white pumps


Fashion Blogger at Luxo: Effortless street style chic in black with point toe white pumps

Fashion Blogger: Annabelle Fleur

Fashion Blogger: Annabelle Fleur styling monochrome outfit perfectly

Tell us what you think! Will you be rocking the point toe white pump trend?

We have the point toe white pumps available at our website for a cool $54.95 so there’s no excuses for not trying this trend!

Click here to shop now!


“Lovisa” point toe white pumps $54.95

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Top 10 Things Men Want Women To Stop Wearing

So you think you’re pretty chic and hip rocking the latest fashion trends? Trends like the shift dress, or perhaps the ever popular bandage dress? Think again!

We published a blog post in 2012 titled “Women’s Top Fashion Trend Fails…According to Men” (a two part blog series) which we showed everyday men a series of women’s fashion trends. The reaction was quite epic and well, it was an entertaining interview process! Missed it?

Click here to read “Women’s Top Fashion Trend Fails…According to Men PART 1”.

Click here to read “Women’s Top Fashion Trend Fails…According to Men PART 2”.

Well, it was such a fun blog post to write we thought we’d round up a new set of guys to ask what they thought of certain women’s fashion. Now this post isn’t saying that women dress for men, nor saying they should. It is a a fun and explicit blog post to seek the opinions of males on their conscious thoughts about some women’s fashion trends.

Here is the verdict of the top 10 things men want women to STOP WEARING!

1. Ugg Boots

“Why do women feel the need to wear ugg boots outside? It’s not a public footwear kind of thing, every girl I’ve seen wear it looks cheap, dirty and just plain not hot!” – James, 26, Civil Engineer

“A woman who wears ugg boots outside has no class, well at least, she’s showing the world she has no class. Not hot.” – Jamie, 29, Mortgage Specialist


No no to ugg boots

2. Drop Crotch Pants/Harem Pants

“I see some women wear those pants that really isn’t flattering but those pants with the really low crotch does nothing to flatter a woman’s body. I cease to understand why or how a woman can think that is remotely stylish and it makes it god damn impossible to see if she has any junk in that trunk.” – Josh, 28, Finance Broker

“They look plain stupid. I have no idea why they would even be considered a trend in fashion.” – Caleb, 22, Sales Representative 

“God lord, I have nothing to say about this. Horrible to say the least.” – Jason, 29, Business Analyst


Money doesn’t buy you style…hear that Gwen?!?


A trend that most men seem to hate with a passion…harem pants/drop crotch pants

3. Slimming Undergarments/Spanx

“This is like false advertising. You’re presented with something totally appealing and awesome and then later, you’re revealed to something else that you hadn’t anticipated. It’s like online shopping. You go online and see the product you like, it looks so appealing and you can’t wait to get it. When you do, it’s like a disappointment. I can apply this to the Big Mac analogy. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with wearing this but it’s like…misleading! A woman should just embrace her curves. If she has imperfections, wear something that is more flattering. Well I guess, this thing [Spanx] makes the woman more appealing in the dress but come on, maybe just not wear a dress that is so tight?” – Simon, 27, IT Technician

“Are you saying that’s not all to Beyonce’s junk in her trunk?!?!?!” – Vince, 25, Accountant

“Woman should just be happy with their curves and slight imperfections. We, men, don’t notice half the things you’re overly concerned about with your body. We think it’s beautiful and you should embrace your womanly shape.” – Kurt, 28, Investment Banker


Celebs…they are only human after all!


Queen B also needs a lending hand from Spanx


Celebrity Spanx fans

Kim Kardashian Spanx in red dress

Kim Kardashian loves her Spanx

4. Ultra Chunky Platform Wedges/Heels

“Why would you want to make your feet look so much more bigger and unflattering in shoes like that?” – Jerome, 26, Mechanic

“Whenever I see shoes like these, all I can hear is CLOMP, CLOMP, CLOMP!! Not sexy.” – Vin, 24, Teacher


5. Kitten Heels

“They look kind of weird. It’s like you can’t decide between wearing flats or heels so you go for something in between. Heels are hot on a woman but when I see a woman wear this, it reminds me of an old lady trying to be stylish.” – Baz, 29, Business Development Manager


Flat or heel? Men aren’t digging the midi heel

6. High Waisted Shorts

“These shorts elongate a girl’s butt and I can’t tell if she has a cute butt or not because the shorts just deforms the shape of the butt. Stick to normal shorts ladies.” – David, 26, Civil Engineer

“I don’t know why girls love these high waist shorts. Sometimes I see girls wear them and the shorts are pulled so high up their butt cheeks are visible. Now is this a trend that we’re all supposed to be loving and think it is stylish? Maybe because I’m a guy, but I don’t see the appeal in that, might as well just wear your undies. Oh, and back to the high waist thing, women want to have cute perky butts, so why would you go out of your way to make it look flatter and less than flattering in these shorts?” – Jimmy, 27, Personal Trainer


Girls love high waisted shorts, the guys…not so much

7. Cheap Hair Extensions

“Trashy!” – Lincoln, 25, Drafter

“Looks terrible.” – Steve, 25, Software Developer

“I thought women took more pride in their hair and makeup than this?” – Tony, 26, Medical Student


With all that money, you’d think Ms Spears would have some decent hair extensions!


Britney offends again


And again…

8. Too Much Makeup

Us women love the smokey eye makeup look. Men…not so much. They much prefer a woman showing her natural beauty and if wearing makeup, keep it minimal. A clean and sheer base, such as a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, dusted with a bit of powder to keep the shine at bay. A few coats of mascara, a bit of blush on the cheeks for that sexy glow and a pink/nude lip.


Ahh, Katie Price aka Jordan’s trademark look


Easy on the eye makeup Katie!


Women love the smoky eye look…men think this is too much.

“Kim’s makeup looks nice here but it still looks like too much makeup. She looks like she’s wearing a lot of foundation.” – Russell, 26, Investment Advisor


Women think this makeup look and style is hot and even though it is tame compared to the other makeup photos, men still think it’s a bit too much.

9. Onesies

“I seriously don’t get this trend. I don’t know how it is even a trend.” – Paolo, 23, Graduate Engineer


Onesie….jumpsuit…men aren’t fans of this trend

Cheryl Cole onesie leopard print

Cheryl’s curves…hidden underneath this onesie

10. Leopard Print

“Reminds me of cheap street walkers.” – Jamie, 30, Journalist

“I never understood the animal print thing. Are you trying to look like you’re wearing an animal?” – Colin, 26, Advertising Executive


Leopard print…

Sarah Harding leopard print trousers

Men don’t see the appeal of leopard prints

Ladies, so what do you think of these trends which men are opposed to? Let us know your thoughts!

Gentlemen, do you agree with what these men’s opinions about the highlighted women’s fashion trends?

We’d love to hear the ladies and men’s thoughts on this post. Please leave your comments below!


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LOOKBOOK: Street Glam Chic In Black & Gold

Street style is all the rage now and fashion bloggers everywhere are embracing this style. Each fashion blogger adoptong the street style have their own unique interpretation of this style and it really is quite diverse.

We love the street style mixed with feminine touches for that ultimate street glam chic factor.

Check out our LookBook below featuring the “Vanity” side split black maxi skirt available at our website. Click here to go to the product page and buy now.

Do you like this look?


Street Style Glam Chic featuring “Vanity” side split black maxi skirt $21.95





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What’s Hot: All White Trend

Summer is just around the corner (if you’re in the Southern hemisphere) and everyone is excitedly packing away their winter wardrobes and bringing out their summer gear to play. We’re pretty over the gloomy days, cold winds and wet weather. Bring on summer!

One of the hottest trend this summer that is wearing all white head to toe. Some color advocate fashionistas may believe all white outfits are rather conservative and plain, wearing white is brave. Contrary to belief, wearing all white will make you stand out. Amongst the sea of blacks, monochromes, prints and colors, the all white outfit is simple a block of chic and sophistication. The all white look is also fabulous to wear all season round and as trends come and goes, white will remain effortlessly sophisticated, sassy and ultra polished.


We’re totally loving this super sleek, chic and polished look on Zoe Saldana.


All Over White: HOT

White also accentuates your curves and flaws more evidently, so it’s not a pick for those with uncertainties about unfavored body parts. Further, food and drink sources are the enemies for the day.


Fashion Blogger’s Hot Fav: All White Style

Is the white all over outfit worth it? Most definately!

Why? Because you’ll be a memorable and sophisticated memory to those who may see you in the street and those you know. Fearless fashionista status….priceless.


Celebs Are Loving All White

While wearing all white is pretty fail-proof there are certain ways in which you can style wearing all white to looking ultra chic and refreshing. Here are five top tips for nailing the all white look.

1. White + lace

The combination of white and lace merely speaks timeless feminine and sophistication style. Lace channels that ladylike sexiness like no other fabric whilst making a chic statement. Lace comes in many varieties of sheerness so experiment up with the lace transparencies.


So chic…white lace


White Lace Hot on the catwalk

2. White + transparency

You’re probably not going to go all out sheer like that on the catwalk but do embrace the sheer side of all white transparency for the season. While this look is runway worthy, it isn’t practical for or is a pick for everyday outfit pick. It would be a sensible choice to opt for oueces that show just the right amount of transparency that you are comfortable with. Accessorize with minimalist silver jewellery and accessories to keep the look chic and flawless.


Transparent white hot on the runway

3. White + skin

Show some skin to break up the all white and add the extra appeal of feminine sexiness. See the celebs below totally rocking the all white look trend. Hot as anything!


Celebrities are embracing the all white trend

Do you love the all white look trend? Will you be rocking the all white trend this season? Do let us know and share your thoughts! 🙂



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The Photoshop Diet: What’s Real And What’s Not

We never realized being a supermodel with a flawless figure is so hard!

Doutzen Kroes spills the beans on how she feels guilty for her own perfect figure makes girls feel uncomfortable and self conscious about their own bodies. Hrmm…what a tough life.


The hard life. Doutzen Kroes

She tells in an interview with Page Six “Sometimes it makes me feel guilty that I am now in this profession that makes certain girls insecure. I wake up sometimes like, this is not what I look like in the magazine. Who is this visitor in the bathroom?”


It’s hard looking this hot all the time. Really.

It’s no secret that models and celebrities in showbiz are under a lot of pressure to look nothing less of perfect but when they fall short of that expectation and standard, there’s the good old airbrushing tactic. While we know the fashion and entertainment industry portrays women to be of a certain nature and while we realize some of these expectations and body images are unrealistic and exaggerated, we still feel pressurized to look a certain way.

Below we want to share with you the images portrayed and shown in the media are of pure alterations and enhancement by digital means. Yes, some are more models and celebrities with already pretty amazing bodies but even then, they still go through minor enhancements. It’s a sad thing that these media portrayals result in women to becoming insecure about their body images but it is about being a healthy weight for your body, comfortable in your own skin and realizing these images are doctored with the intention to make monetary gains.


Britney Spears

After Britney’s downward spiral with her public meltdown, it seems it’s been hard for her to get her body back on track. This photo here clearly highlights the photo-shop worked down on Britney’s body for a magazine cover.

Britney’s recent comeback sees her looking better than before but even videography filters and editing was not ruled out. The image below was a leaked image from Britney’s most recent single release, Work B!tch. Britney is sporting a much tighter and toned tummy in the touched up video edit and also slimmer thighs.


Britney Spears in her newest music video clip


Britney Spears Live

This picture here shows Britney Spears at one of her live concerts in a midriff bearing top. It’s a far cry from the abs she has for magazine shoots, album covers and promo photo materials as below for Shape magazine.


Britney Spears for Shape Magazine 2013.


Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba looks pretty darn good as she does but she’s not exempt from having her waist tweeked to a smaller waist size and also slimmer thighs.


Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is photo-shopped and airbrushed  for the perfect hourglass, feminine sexy shape. Perfect curves given by digital enhancements.


Mariah Carey at a beach in LA

A natural shot of Mariah Carey at a beach in LA.


Kate Hudson

No chest? No worries! Photoshop will give you a natural and any size breasts you desire. Kate Hudson seen here on the left in her natural form with a small A cup chest and on the right is a retouched image of her breasts to a large cup size for the promo photo of her movie “Fool’s Gold.”


Victoria Beckham

No butt? No problems! Photoshop will give you that full and perky butt that is lusted after. Victoria Beckham is particularly known for her behind yet she sported a very full and voluptuous butt in her perfume campaign with David Beckham. Ahh, the magic of enhancements for body parts to increase or decrease.


Jennifer Aniston

While most of us would kill for Jen’s yoga body, this tummy isn’t quite good enough for the standards of magazines where it appears they have smoothed out the “extra” tummy bits.


Jennifer Aniston

Yes, Jen does look pretty darn good and while she’s perfectly fine au naturel as seen by her sunbathing on the beaches and hotel pools, that bit of retouching is needed to make her body picture perfect.


Jennifer Lopez

Promo shot of Jennifer Lopez to promote her album. Tanned, bronzed, sexy and….tight abs.



Yes, J.Lo does have a bangin’ hot body with all her curves and impressive set of abs. Bear in mind that many of the professional shots are specifically shot from certain angles to best capture the body and features of the model or celebrity. Lighting and makeup also play a big role as with the final editing touches to the photo which we are exposed to and at times seemingly, impossible to obtain. In this particular picture of J.Lo, the angle of the photo is very flattering to the abs. Leaned back position which flattens the tummy and shows great definition. Fret not….


Jennifer Lopez Live

Ahhh…yes, there are days when those abs of Ms Lopez aren’t out to play. Compare this photo to those of the magazines and promotional shots, these abs pictured are a far cry from the flat, toned and fab abs on display.


Ms Lopez

Refreshing photo. This is the kind of body that you would most likely see on the beach. Not perfect but beautiful as an untouched and natural way.

At the end of all this, there is no real quick or easy way to maintain that bikini body without the dedication and commitment to a healthy lifestyle which is a combination of nutrition and exercise. If these photos are anything to go by, we’d call it a “photoshop diet” because well, the models and celebrities are in their best shape thanks to digital help. Other than that, they have body hang ups just like the rest of us mere women. Despite having the luxury of have personal chefs and trainers to get them in shape, sometimes it takes more than just external help to achieve the ultimate body goal, yourself.

Take care of your body and love it inside and out!


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