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Women’s Top Fashion Trend Fails…According to Men PART 2

Continuing from Part 1 of our post on Women’s Top Fashion Fails here we exhibit Part 2 of MORE women’s fashion fails. Generally we’re exposed to stylish trends through the media but then with everything good there’s the adverse side of things. Let’s us showcase thee….

  1. Leopard prints

Leopard prints is a trend that many women favor. At some point in a woman’s life she’s probably owned at least one item of leopard print whether that is a leopard printed blouse, a top, a pair of shoes or to something more modest like a leopard print scarf. Leopard prints is a trend that many women favor. At some point in a woman’s life she’s probably owned at least one item of leopard print whether that is a leopard printed blouse, a top, a pair of shoes or to something more modest like a leopard print scarf.

We’re thinking leopard print is pretty stylish right?

“Reminds me of cougars on the prowl for some serious lovin’ but ain’t getting any.” – Nick, 25, Bayswater


Combining the trend of leopard print and jumpsuits – two trends dislike



All over leopard print bodysuit – sultry or silly?


Leopard lady on the prowl



The Queen of outrageous looks – Nicki Minaj working the full leopard look

It seems as though men seem to think that leopard print makes women look anything but ladylike and sophisticated. There is a negative association with leopard print and it just seems to convey the wrong image to men. In fact it reminds them of prostitutes. Eeekkk! They typically rock up in leopard print tops, skirts, dresses and tights. True?

“Don’t wear too much animal print in one shot unless you want men to come up to you and ask you “how much?” and you’re not willing to put a price on it!” Chad, 31, Scarborough

Reowwww! So just a tip, subtle leopard print is fine but don’t go all over animal print unless you’re trying to master the corner lady look.

  1. Giant handbags

In all honesty lugging around a ginormous handbag does look kind of ridiculous. Not only is it bad for you in a health kind of way but its quite impractical. It would be acceptable if you were living on the go but for many women, that’s not the case but rather just a fashion statement.  Yes, that’s right. A fashion statement to seemingly lug around everything they own in that bag. Maybe not, but look like you are.

“I think the invention of the giant handbag is a strategic invention for women in attempt to hide their shopping purchases when they come home empty handed but their handbag is half of the mall’s purchases and then use the line “Oh this old thing [dress]? I got it a long time ago!”” – Daniel, 33, Ocean Reef


Maybe the model is lugging around her day’s worth of food supply?


ashley olsen oversized bag bogo style

Without fail Ashley Olsen always manages to engulf her small frame with giant clothing and accessories



Katie Holmes and her giant handbag – more ridiculous than stylish

Come on ladies, let’s look elegant here instead of looking like we’d be camping out in the  handbag tonight.

  1. Transparent clothing

There’s a fine line between clothing being see through sexy and see through fail. Getting it right means you’ll have the guys mesmerized but getting it wrong means you’ll most likely be mouthed “WTH is she wearing?!” kind of comments.

“I love it when a girl wears see through stuff when we’re in private – there’s nothing hotter but if she’d like to take that to the street too then I’d rather be the guy who’s a mile behind her rather than the guy that’s walking next to her.” – James, 26, North Perth

“Let’s save peek a boo outfits for the bedroom shall we?” – Travis, 29, Ballajura


RiRi masters explicit transparent clothing



We’re sure Michelle Rodríguez is wanting to look elegant in this dress but she somehow doesn’t pull it off



Missing a bit of fabric at the back there Leighton Meester?
Or maybe she has a PA that shadows her so her backside doesn’t show?

  1. Too skimpy clothing

Listen up The Shire girls! More skin does not equal more sex appeal! It’s just obviously downright trashy and unsexys you.

“What these girls lack in brains, they compensate in boobs and bum. It’s just as simple as that.” – Scott, 28, Joondalup

“They aren’t confident in anything else about themselves other than their looks so they must bust out of their clothes in order to make up for everything else. They follow the “I must, I must, I must increase my bust” mantra.” Raymond, 30, Highgate




Jodie Marsh loves the minimalist fabric style



Cher loves her skimpy bodysuit….even at age 60



We know a lot of hard work and dedication has gone into getting those abs, but it doesn’t mean you need to showcase in such elegant attire AHEM



Saving the best for last. Jodie Marsh…a bit of advice, this does NOT classify as an “outfit”

  1. Overdoing shorts shorts

Let’s face it, shorty shorts are not universally flattering. so it’s not a look every woman should attempt. Even if you had the body for it, it’s not terribly elegant either but at least you can look good in it right?

Maybe the women in the below pictures are just attempting their hand at even tanning….including their butts?

“Terrible! Did these ladies even look in the mirror before they left the house? And if they did, did the mirror tell them its ok to wear that out? Heck no! I have momentarily gone blind.” – Tom, Mandurah, 27

“Looks like a dog mauled at her a$# and that’s what is left. Ladies, you are not poor so why dress like you are by buying clothes that look too small on you. Plus it makes you look fat, not sexy. I rest my case.” – Jordan, 29, Nedlands

Don’t attempt this look at home ladies. Bum cleavage is not sexy!


Giving the butt cheeks a bit of Vitamin D



Wedgie alert! Oh wait, that’s just her short shorts



This does nothing to accentuate your curves




  1. Granny chic

Come on ladies, we’re young and stylish. We’re still youthful enough to pull off certain fashion trends so let’s enjoy these fleeting moments while we can. And when we’re older let’s stick to clothes that would flatter and suit not only our age but our bodies. It’s strange enough that younger girls are opting for the “granny chic” trend and trying to make this a fashion statement. Then we have the more mature ladies and they try to reverse 30 years and wear skirts that are too tight, tops cut too low and other fashion crimes.

Sometimes there’s a fine line between “vintage” and “granny” so let’s not confuse the two.

“Women’s fashion can be quite peculiar but I can’t understand why you would want to dress older than you actually are and try to reverse time when you become of age.”

Take the Olsen twins for instance. They live and breathe the granny chic trend, yet they are now fashion designers having taking a career turn from acting. We think they should’ve stuck to their day job.



Just another granny day out


The reincarnation of the grannies as chicks



Grannies are doing it for themselves! Oops we mean sisters…

  1. Ponchos

Women love ponchos because they’re warm and fuss free. But in a nutshell it’s really a portable blanket. Or so that’s what the guys think.

“Seriously I fail to understand why women would think by throwing on a huge piece of woollen material is what you call clothing. This poncho thing is literally a giant piece of warm material with a head hole. It’s hideous. It’d be pretty hard to make this look sexy.” – Toby, 24, Vic Park

“My fiancée is a sucker for ponchos. When the weather gets a bit chilly it’s the first thing she whips out. She’s got plain coloured ones, colourful ones, light ones and woollen ones. I’m not a fan of it and I’ve told her about it but there’s no convincing her out of it so I might as well focus on the fact that she’s gorgeous.” – Timothy, 25, Cannington



Ahhh the leopard look AND the poncho. Perfection.

Awwwww…..Timothy would score huge brownie points with his fiancée and probably gets away with wearing stuff she doesn’t like him to wear!

  1. Leg warmers

Leg warmers reminisces the 80s bad fashion and that’s a trend that should stay with era.

“This trend is totally weird. It’s like a footless sock, a half stocking. Doesn’t seem to do anything in particular bit look completely weird.” – Mike, 26, Redcliffe

“Is this thing meant to keep your legs warm? If so why don’t you just put some pants on instead of wearing shorts with it and then trying to keep your calves warm? Just doesn’t make sense!” – Eric, 28,

And they are totally spot on with their comments we say.


Warming up the calves



A questionable trend – leg warmers


knee warmers

The next in fashion – KNEE WARMERS

  1. Crocs

 This would trump ugg boots in terms of women’s footwear which men find ridiculously unappealing. They may be comfy and all but crocs should NOT be worn out in public.

“The hottest chick would look like a fool in crocs. It’s just not sexy. At all.” – Barry, 22,  East Perth

There’s no excuse to wear crocs out…none whatsoever.


How sexy can these really be?



Would you rock these babies?


  1. Cowboy boots

Ladies, unless you’re a cowgirl these shoes should be a no touch footwear item. Yes we know Jessica Simpson made it look hot in The Duke of Hazzard only because men were probably paying more attention to her girls more than her feet.

Let’s just leave the cowboy boots alone and stick to our conventional winter boots.



Taylor Swift rocking her custom made cowboy boots. Hrmmm….



Looks like you’d be doing some serious boot scootin in these fashion red cowboy boots



Stick to conventional boots ladies


So that wraps up Part 2 of Women’s Top Fashion Trend Fails…According to Men.

It appears men do know what they are talking about when it comes to women’s fashion trends, well at least the part which they point out which trends we should steer clear from because quite frankly ladies, it doesn’t look great.

What are your thoughts on the featured fashion fails? We’d love to hear what you think so leave us a comment below!


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Women’s Top Fashion Trend Fails…According to Men PART 1

Our first published blog post was based on the topic of the importance of fashion and how fashion has become an important constituent in our lives and the impact it makes in society. It’s a known fact that celebrities play a huge part and are major influencers in what styles and trends are in and hot. It goes as far as some celebrities having a defining style that is “unique” to them and we look to them for fashion inspiration and style. Fashion designers create collections of certain styles and looks with these celebrities in mind and as fashion enthusiasts we’re pretty switched in on following these trends.

There’s a saying that trends come and go but style stays with you forever. True?

We as women, generally all have our own style. Some like and wear very basic styles, some like casual, some like the classic glamour styles and some follow trends religiously. For some women, they tend to stick with this style all their lives while some like to switch it up and mix and match their style with fashion trends.

Men, on the other hand tend to stick with something they’re comfortable with for the most of their lives for the most part. They’re seemingly sensible with their clothing choices; practical, comfortable and resilient to wear and would last through whatever seasonal trend.

Based on the old adage that women are from Venus and men are from Mars that is almost certainly well applied (amongst other things) in the sense that when it comes to women’s fashion men don’t have much of a clue. Or do they? It seems there are certain women’s fashion trends which they simultaneously love and some they loathe.

The following posts are purely for entertaining information and in no way intended to criticize or humiliate people. The information provided is to simply provide a guide for people who want some help with personal style and grooming.

So…in getting to it. We’ve dug through several researches to find out the hot and not trends as perceived by men and we combined those findings with our own research on what guy’s pet peeves of women’s trends are. So here is the list of fashion blunders according to men.

  1. Ugg Boots

The infamous ugg boots was shunned by the guys hands down. They absolutely HATE it. In the words of a guy…”How the bleeping hell can you look hot in ugg boots?!” Yes, we get it, and also agree with them. As the pictures displayed below there’s all sort of wrong associated with it and let’s face it, inside shoes should stay remained inside the house.

Even stylin’ fashion icons such as Kate Moss, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Aniston can hardly pull off the ugg boots look outside.


Even stylin’ celebrities don’t look so cool in uggs

So while guys love seeing women in high heels, we know and surely they know it too that it isn’t always possible.

According to one of our interviewed male participants Jake, 26, from Whitfords “God knows why girls find the ugg boots so appealing. It’s downright ugly and to wear it outside? I don’t know. I’m no fashion expert but I don’t see anything sexy about it and ugg boots are so much uglier than girls realize. Maybe just wear some nice flat shoes or something; I think that would be ok.”

Thanks Jake. We recognize ugg boots are insanely comfortable but girls, please, do refrain from taking them out to the streets. You don’t want to portray the image likes of Britney Spears do you…?

Oh and of course we’ve got to include Snookie too…


The perfect example of why you should NOT wear inside shoes out…it looks ridiculous

  1. Jeggings / Leggings

We’re a bit torn on this one. Jeggings and treggings has some great merits worth mentioning but then it can go terribly wrong if it lands in the wrong hands, or bottoms should we say. According to the guys….

“I don’t like it (leggings). Maybe because it reminds me of when it went out of fashion and I picture fat moms going to the local shops in their leggings, slippers, baggy t-shirt  that’s stained and wearing no bra and with their messy hair all over the place. I think  that’s wrong. I know that some girls don’t look like that but seriously, there are plenty of   other nice things girls can wear besides leggings!” – Matt, 28, from Thornlie

 “I think leggings are neither ok, not really the best clothing a girl could wear, nor my favourite on a girl but I think some girls can pull leggings off. If a girl doesn’t have good legs then they probably shouldn’t wear them. To be honest, no one wants to see through to dimples or cellulite. It sounds a bit harsh but it wouldn’t flatter you at all. You’d be better off to wear something to cover that so it’s more flattering. Oh, and PLEASE do not  wear ugg boots with leggings. Why oh why would you mix the two together? It’s such an ugly combination and god knows why girls wear them out and treat it as if its shoes.”

Here is the reason why we think guys are so opposed to leggings/treggings/jeggings of any sort…


Who and when to NOT wear leggings

  1. The colour pink

Strangely enough guys just don’t dig the colour pink. Why? We’re not too sure.

According to Adam from Bayswater, “Pink is ok, just not the Barbie pink. And one piece of clothing of pink is ok to wear but it gets a bit weird when I see girls in colour coordinated outfits from entire pink. Makes them look like a walking pink lollipop. No thanks.”


Men’s grief…pink

  1. Harem Pants

 Ahhh harem pants. When we first asked our guy participants if they liked harem pants  they just stared back as if we were asking them them a question in another language. Maybe we are in fashion terms. Frankie, 22 from South Lakes looked particularly bewildered so we thought we’d pick on him to answer. “Huh??” was his only response. We then showed him the following photos to indicate what harem pants are. “What the heck?! What kind of pants is that!”Yes he did answer, but it wasn’t a question, but with exclamation. “I don’t know what kind of pants that is, harem or whatever but that’s so not hot. If women follow that trend please shoot me. It’s not an attractive trend to be following or wear at all, that’s all I have  to say about that.”

We showed him photos of catwalk style harem pants and Frankie’s response still didn’t budge. “Umm….still a big fat NO! No matter what colour you change it, it’s still pretty ugly.”

Ok, so we are in agreement to Frankie’s comments. We do think that harem pants are one of the worst fashion inventions….ever!


These ladies are teaming accessories with harem pants for a dressier occasion…still no glam factor?


Harem pants on the catwalk

harem pants

What? How can this possibly be stylish??

  1. Jumpsuits/Rompers

We showed some photos of rompers and jumpsuits and there were slight mixed responses amongst the guys.


Something the guys don’t mind as much

“I think its kinda cute. If I had saw a girl wear that on the street I probably wouldn’t pick it as a romper, I’d just think it was just a long top over matching coloured shorts.” – Victor, 28, from Bibra Lake

“These are pretty hideous, especially the first one in the pic. Looks like she raided her grandma’s closet and tried to bring it into fashion and for me, that just doesn’t work. Everything is wrong about that outfit. No for me.” – Jamie, 27 from Jandakot

Stella jumpsuits

Stella McCartney jumpsuits…even money can’t buy you style (sometimes)

“Heidi Klum and Katie Holmes look frumpy and makes them look fat. I much prefer the yellow one on Elle McPherson, it’s more fitted and doesn’t look like a jumpsuit, so that I don’t mind. The other two, I’d say pass!” – Jay, 25 from Leederville

“I agree with Jay, the jumpsuits on Heidi and Katie is just downright ugly. Not to mention the colour. What an awful combo. Come on girls, this type of clothing doesn’t make you look elegant at all. The one on Elle isn’t so bad.” – Danny, 29 from Leederville


Celebrity jumpsuits – Some get it so right…and some get it so wrong

  1. Gladiator Sandals

 With this particular trend, the guys just don’t get it either.

“Looks like you’re gonna bust out and do some serial serious slaying like the Spartans did. This shouldn’t be a fashion trend for shoes. Leave this look for the Spartans and stick  with regular sandals or something.” – Brad, 18, from Como

 “My girlfriend actually has a pair of these. She seems to love them and wear it all summer long. I’m not a fan of the ones that spiral up your legs but lucky for me my girlfriend has the sandal sort so I guess I’m ok with that.” – Victor 23, from Warwick

“Don’t like it. Looks complicated and not feminine at all. I like girls in simple shoes.” – Matthew 33, from Bentley


Lady Spartan – MK Olsen


Ashley Tisdale

  1. Ridiculously high heels

Yes we agree that some girls do wear ridiculously high heels and do make a total fool of themselves when they cannot carry themselves gracefully in them. If you’re hobbling around in them, just stick to something a more conventional heel height ladies.


Ahhh I knew I should’ve opted for the flats!

But if you can carry yourself in sky high heels, all the merits to you!

“A woman can look incredibly sexy in heels. I personally think they’re great, but only if she can walk in them. There’s nothing worse than seeing a hot woman and she’s hobbling around. Not a sexy look. Also, some girls wear super high heels and it just makes them look stupid when they look like they’re struggling to wear it every minute they are wearing it. In that case, it would be better to just wear something you’re more comfortable with rather than trying too hard.” – Evan 26, Mt Lawley

“Heels are hot. I see some girls look amazing in them but for others not so much. If they can’t carry it off elegantly then it just ruins the look. Some of them just end up taking off their heels and carrying it. That’s not an elegant look either.” – Samuel, 27, Beechboro


model-falling-herve ledger

These shoes aren’t made for walking…Slip…tumble…fall


Better make my manager find me contracts which doesnt require me to wear heels!

  1. Shapeless outfits

Listen up girls! Guys love to see our curves. It’s very alluring and appealing to them. This is not to say go out and wear the tiniest and tightest dress you own but something that is flattering to your shape. We suppose they don’t like the baggy shapeless look because it reminds them of cranky old ladies.

“When girls wear dresses that’s baggy it just makes me think they couldn’t be bothered. It does nothing for their looks or body. What’s worse, makes them look even fatter when they may not be fat at all.” – Justin, 20 from Alexander Heights

“I don’t understand why you’d want to wear a dress like that. It doesn’t do your body any favours.” – Adam, 19 from Morley


Looks like Couture raided nanna’s old tableclothes and made it into this outfit


Grandma dress much anyone?


Drew Barrymore – You do your body shape no justice…

  1. Clothing too small

Now here’s a “trend” which we do not condone. Completely and utterly not flattering, not stylish, not a good look and looks uncomfortable too!

“That’s totally off putting. Tuck it all away where we don’t have to see it! Arghhhh!” – Ben, 18, Como

“I’m all in for a slim girl to be in clothing that’s skimpy and tight but I’m not in for clothing that’s skimpy on girls with excess. Sorry but there’s better clothing to wear if you’re a bigger girl. Even if you’re a skinnier girl and you wear skimpy clothes it looks great but nothing beats a girl with class and style.” Gordon, 29, Sorrento

“There’s all sorts of wrong with a girl wearing something too small for her body. Not at all attractive. Not a fan of the muffin top. Never have, never will be. Please do cover up.” – Vince, 25, Thornlie


Eeek!! The other extreme of ill fitting clothes



  1. Padded/Pointy shoulders

The guys aren’t onboard with this trend and they fail to understand why the fashion industry would try to make this look hot.

“Are you trying to relive the 80s again? Not a fan of the look. Maybe because I wasn’t old enough in that era to experience that trend but I still don’t think the trend should be brought back to this day by any means…” – Ben, 20, Joondana

“Looks like she’s trying to be a superhero. Not hot.” – Carlos, 24, Wickham


My shoulder points doubles as my handbag holder

So that wraps up Part 1 of Women’s Top Fashion Trend Fails According to Men.

What are your thoughts on the featured trends above? Do you agree or disagree with what men’s critique on these women’s trends? We’d love to hear your comments.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog series as we reveal the next 10 fashion trends men loathe!

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