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Celebrity Style Steals: Cheryl Cole’s Backless Bodycon Black Dress

Turn heads in this backless bodycon black dress that is inspired by Cheryl Cole’s version of the Versace dress which she wore to the National Television Awards (NTAs). While Cheryl’s dress cost a hefty $3,500 from the Versace brand house, you can get Cheryl’s hot look for so much less! For $29.95, you can have your version of Cheryl’s dress and make you look fabulously sexy and chic.

Cheryl Cole Get Her Look Black Bodycon Dress

Cheryl Cole Get Her Look…For Less

This backless bodycon black dress is perfect for a cocktail occasion, a night out on the town or even a hot date with your man.

To ensure your knock this look out of the park, ensure to invest in a bit of prep time. Follow these tips below on how to wear a backless black dress and look amazing.

  1. Slough away the dead skin with a gentle loofah and bodywash or scrub. Be aware to not be too vigorous or do this too often if you have sensitive skin as too much or harsh scrubbing may irritate those with sensitive. Apply a light moisturizer or lotion to your back to keep your skin in tip top condition. If desired, apply a self tanner to your body and back. Tanned skin accentuates the muscles in your back, so bring on sexy back!
  2. Avoid any unsightly bra straps. If you have a small bust you can probably get away with not wearing a bra. However, you should still aim to smooth out the look to prevent any visibility through the dress with nude colored nipple covers.
  3. Keep accessories to a minimal with a backless dress as the dress in itself makes a very bold statement. Too many accessories with this backless black bodycon dress makes the look a bit over the top and draws the attention away of the dress. A simple pair of earrings or delicate bracelet or a cocktail ring will add just the perfect touch to complete your look.
  4. Try to avoid any accessories that will cover your back such as necklaces with long or bulky clasps that can take the attention away from your sexy back and dress!
  5. Wear your hair up to full show your accentuated feature, your back. The best hairstyle when wearing a backless dress is some updo that is styled up and away from your neck and back. Yes, sure you have luxurious tresses but there’s no point in wearing a stunning sexy backless dress and it covers your back.
  6. Lastly, proper posture will make or break a backless dress. Ensure you wear your sexy backless black bodycon dress with confidence! Hold your head high, shoulders back and chest out. Good posture as opposed to hunched over will make your back look better and translate over to making your overall look sexier. Confidence is sexy so wear your dress to match your attitude!

Versace $3,500 VS Envious Fashions $29.95

Get your version of Cheryl’s backless black dress here at Envious Fashions for only $29.95 + FREE SHIPPING within Australia!

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Trending: Point Toe White Pumps – Try the Trend!

If you’re in the summer hemisphere then summer is just around the corner. We’re spotting the point toe white pumps as the season’s hottest new trend. Although white is fabulous for summer, for those fashionistas in the Northern hemisphere of the world, the point toe white pumps also looks great incorporated into a monochrome outfit.

The white heel footwear has been traditionally dabbled in on only very lightly and it was once considered only the brave fashion trendsetters would venture. Why? Because it was often perceived to be “tacky” and reserved for the women who resembled the Stepford wives to wear them. Yes, the point toe white pumps can be a difficult trend to pull off and for the most part, most people aren’t sure how to style the white shoe look without creating a massive fashion faux paux. So, they would rather skip the risk of looking such part.

That being said, this shoe trend is coming back in a big way and when styled correctly with color-blocking, geometric pieces, monochrome and basic pieces, the point toe white pumps can smash the look out of the park.


Perfectly polished and chic teaming the point toe white pumps with denim

Check out the celebrities and fashion bloggers below for styling inspiration and how they are rocking the point toe white pumps trend.


Celebs wearing point toe white pumps: Rhianna, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow


More celebs wearing the point toe white pumps trend: Heidi Klum, Kate Beckingsale, Hilary Duff


Rosie Huntington-Whitely looking pretty and chic in all white with point toe white pumps and a cute strapless uneven hem dress


The ever stylish Jessica Alba in printed pants and point toe white pumps


The boho chic fashionista Nicole Ritchie rocking the all white look in point toe white pumps


Ciara pairing a pair of point toe white pumps with a mini dress for a sassy and sexy look


Queen of monochrome and fashion forward pieces, Victoria Beckham channels ladylike glam in a black long sleeve and skater skirt with point toe white pumps


Point toe white pumps hot on the runway


Fashion Blogger: The Bengal Buzz rocking point toe white pumps with a navy ensemble for a street style look


Perfect office look of white and navy combo: White top with a fitted high waisted skirt and perfectly finishing off with point toe white pumps


Fashion Blogger at Luxo: Effortless street style chic in black with point toe white pumps

Fashion Blogger: Annabelle Fleur

Fashion Blogger: Annabelle Fleur styling monochrome outfit perfectly

Tell us what you think! Will you be rocking the point toe white pump trend?

We have the point toe white pumps available at our website for a cool $54.95 so there’s no excuses for not trying this trend!

Click here to shop now!


“Lovisa” point toe white pumps $54.95

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Best Fashion Moments Of Kim Kardashian

She’s the most renown of the Kardashian clan and whether you love or loathe her, it’s pretty hard to miss her. She’s on almost every media platform on a daily basis so she’s very much a household name. Today marks her 33rd birthday and despite the many discussions of her hunger for media attention to fame and fortune, what we really eyeball is well, her wardrobe and fashion sense. All her dramas aside, we share Ms Kardashian’s best fashion moments and how you can get her look.


Happy Birthday Kim! Looking good at 33.


Kim showing off her curves in this stunning electric blue gown.


Head to toe in nude. So chic.


The lady in red


Kim knows the wardrobe staple: the little black dress


Get Kim’s black dress look with our “Matilda” long sleeve black dress for $39.95


Airport Style: All black with a chic black trench coat


Get Kim’s trench coat for less with our “Irena” double breasted trench coat for only $52.95


Perfect combo: black and nude with a statement necklace that is oh so chic


Get Kim’s retro geometric necklace at a steal price of $6.95 at Envious Fashions!

Oh, and there’s hot talks in the air that Kanye has popped the question to his leading lady! Can’t wait to see the BLING!

Keep smiling fashionistas!


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1 Top 5 Ways: Long Sleeve White Lace Top

There’s something so alluring about white lace tops. It could be that the lace emit so much feminine in a simple, chic and effortless way. They’re also  super versatile for any occasion, never go out of season and well, looks flattering on almost every body shape.

Here’s the top 5 looks to wear white lace tops for different occasions.

Which one is your favorite?

1. Chic And Casual but Perfectly Polished

Such as simple and chic look that is perfect for day wear. Look perfectly chic and be comfortable by teaming the “Lacey” long sleeve white lace top with a pair of your favorite blue denim jeans and staple accessories for a winning chic look. Simple perfection.


2. Casual Chic with a Splash Of Color

Mix it up and wear the “Lacey” long sleeve white lace top with a pair of pastel or neon colored denim jeans. The white lace top goes with virtually any colored bottom and will add that fun and playful factor to your look. The burst of color adds a great touch to the classic white color. Accessorize with gold jewellery for maximum chic style.


3. Rock Street Chic Style

Wear the “Lacey” long sleeve white lace top with 2013/14’s hot skort trend. Wear the white lace top alone or add a black leather jacket over the top. Add a pair of sky high pumps to elongate those sexy pins!


4. Be Polished & Elegant

This look is undeniably glam and elegant mixed with style and sexiness. This look can be worn from the office to the bar; sophisticated by day and sexy by night.


5. Bring Bright & Bold Colors

Incorporate a bright and bold color such as orange to classic colors and pieces for a super stylish look. This “Lacey” long sleeve white lace top contrasts beautifully against the orange skirt with either a pair of matching color pumps or wear with a classic pair of heels or pumps. This look is sexy and stylish with the nth degree!


Which look is your favorite?

You can shop the “Lacey” long sleeve white lace top at our online store for only $29.95!

Click here to shop this “Lacey” long sleeve white lace top.

Share your thoughts with us!


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Fashion 101: Dressing For Your Age

Fashion is something that females have always been interested in, if not an obsession for some. Fashion is great in so many ways in the sense that you can express yourself through your clothes and accessories, feel stylish, glam and  overall, just look and feel good in your fashion attire.

Trends is an external factor that affects our style and it’s also a natural progression that our style will change when we enter different age groups. Some people make a fabulous fashion transition to suit their changing selves but for some,  the shift just doesn’t happen and if it does, not quite right.

Even celebrities who have stylists at their disposal aren’t immune to this fashion crime. Just goes to show money does not equate to style. Let’s see…

Heidi Klum

Yes you’re a Victoria Secret Angel. But you’re also a year away from hitting the 4-0 and have one..two..three..four…and we lost count of how many kids you have. Cover up a bit and do your kids proud with less skin.

Heidi Klum dress

Heidi Klum…yes you’re hot but cover up for the sake of your kids!

Vanessa Williams

With all that fortune you’d think you could pull out a strapless bra to wear with tops like these. And honestly, a contrasting bra strap showing is just not classy. Vanessa, this look might of worked at 20 something but at 48 it’s time to ditch the bra strap look and opt for a little more concealment of your undergarment.

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa…you’re old enough for a strapless bra

Jennifer Lopez

Yep, we all know that Jennifer works really hard to get a body like that and there’s nothing wrong with showing off all the effort…just not in something that is more suitable to someone who’s half your age.

Jennifer Lopez

JLo…let the ladies half yoru age rock this look ok?

Melanie Griffith

She’s renown for her addiction to plastic surgery to hold onto her youth. Certain garments shouldn’t be held onto or worn when you’re at age 54. Leggings is one of them.

Melanie Griffith

Melanie, leave the leggings at home…your daughter will be proud.


Mariah Carey

Mariah’s known for her impressive vocal chords but over the last few years she’s more famous for her choice of clothing over anything else, probably even more so than her diva demands. She once said she feels like a twelve year old at heart, it does not mean you should dress like one! Pardon that, that’s a very scantily dressed twelve year old! With all that fame and fortune, cover up, show some class and retire those too little hotpants, outerwear bodysuits and too skin tight dresses. It’s more embarrassing than sexy.

Mariah Carey

MC! Save this outfit for your own private time

Linda Hogan

Ok this is a bit of a barf in the mouth. This is Linda Hogan – Hulk Hogan’s ex wife. Besides her taste for very young fashion (if not a bit stripper-y) she also has a penchant for much younger men. She’s presently engaged to one of her son’s former high school classmates – Charlie Hill.

Linda Hogan

A bit too much tan, a bit too much of a thigh split, a bit too much of an age gap with your toy boy. Cradle snatcher alert!

The classy age gap? She’s 52 and he’s 22.

On the contrary there’s celebs who are young but have decided to raid their nana’s closet before their due time.

Taylor Swift

She’s only a teen and credit is given to her for not falling into the same boat as her rival performers such as Miley Cyrus who tries too desperately to break free of her youth image. Having said that, you can still be young and sexy without going OTT with skanky or too conservative and outright daggy and old! There’s a fine line and Taylor, hire a stylist to help you!

Taylor Swift

Taylor…you’re only 22, save this outfit for another 22 years into the future.

Jessica Biel

She’s just married one of the most eligible bachelors in Tinsletown but her style sense has somewhat gone from screen siren to frump and nanna-like. JT’s known to be pretty fashion savvy himself so he just may need to step in and help Jess bring sexy back.

Jessica Biel

Whatever happened to the stylish Ms Biel? You’re married, not a nun!

Selena Gomez

She’s young and gorgeous and at the peak time of her years to dress in adorable bubble skirts and dresses, prints, florals and all things that resonate youth and liberation. While this dress Selena is wearing is fab it’s something that her slightly older counterpart would look better in.

Selena Gomez

Selena, you’re a young pretty thing, have some fun with bright bold colours


Until next post, stay beautiful fashionistas!



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Star’s Signature Styles – Part 1

As an elaboration to our previous post on The Importance of Fashion, this post we explore the different signature looks of celebrities which they’re known for and ultimately, what we recognize and sometimes identify and emulate with these styles. This post is Part 1 of the series of celebrity styles we will feature.

Let’s start with Kate Moss who’s considered by a style icon by many globally.

Her style is a combination of vintage, casual glam and boho style. Her ability to mix and match pieces and textures make her style admired by many and a style icon by stylists, designers and us fellow fashion civilians.

Do you agree with the rest of the fashion followers who love Kate Moss’s style?

Let’s move onto Liz Hurley who’s known for her simplistic glam, fitted and ample cleavage exhibition. Who can forget that black dress held together by safety pins? Her style has remained fairly consistent throughout the years. The fitted dresses show off her lean body and well, for a woman in her 40’s, she’s got a body that most women would die for.

Next up isHollywood’s in demand stylist Rachel Zoe, who’s become quite the celebrity herself.

Rachel’s signature style is boho maxi dresses that are flowy and often loose hanging on the body. For her rather unhealthy thin frame the style does suit her quite well to hide any protruding bones as evident in some published photos (not pictured). This style is great for a day look that’s not only comfy but effortlessly chic. This style is also fabulous to take from day to night as the maxi style can be glammed up with glittering accessories.

Rachel’s style evidently has been very influential her fellow client Nicole Ritchie with her style transforming from scantily clad outfits to boho glam.

And here’s to Rachel and Nicole with the look of sexy casual with boho touch…

Funny how not only the dressing styles is transferred but also sporting a morbidly stick thin stature???

The last celeb featured for Part 1 of our post for Star’s Signature Styles is a celeb who’s not only admired for her famous locks but also her simplistic approach to fashion yet a timeless sexy style whether its casual or glam occasion; Jennifer Aniston. Her style reflects timeless elegance with blacks and neutral colours that’s perfect for any occasion, day or night, casual or glam. Whatever occasion it is she oozes confidence and ultra glam, and looks fantastic.

A great lesson learnt from Jen is that blacks and neutral colours needn’t be boring…. and sooooo isn’t!

Envious Fashions will occasional feature celebrities and will publish news and photos.  Postings on this site may have errors and inaccurate information. The compilation here may not be 100% accurate however the information is carefully selected.

Note: All images that appear on the site are copyright of their respective owners. Envious Fashions claims no credit for images unless noted. If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on Envious Fashions blog, please, contact us and they will be removed immediately.

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