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The Photoshop Diet: What’s Real And What’s Not

We never realized being a supermodel with a flawless figure is so hard!

Doutzen Kroes spills the beans on how she feels guilty for her own perfect figure makes girls feel uncomfortable and self conscious about their own bodies. Hrmm…what a tough life.


The hard life. Doutzen Kroes

She tells in an interview with Page Six “Sometimes it makes me feel guilty that I am now in this profession that makes certain girls insecure. I wake up sometimes like, this is not what I look like in the magazine. Who is this visitor in the bathroom?”


It’s hard looking this hot all the time. Really.

It’s no secret that models and celebrities in showbiz are under a lot of pressure to look nothing less of perfect but when they fall short of that expectation and standard, there’s the good old airbrushing tactic. While we know the fashion and entertainment industry portrays women to be of a certain nature and while we realize some of these expectations and body images are unrealistic and exaggerated, we still feel pressurized to look a certain way.

Below we want to share with you the images portrayed and shown in the media are of pure alterations and enhancement by digital means. Yes, some are more models and celebrities with already pretty amazing bodies but even then, they still go through minor enhancements. It’s a sad thing that these media portrayals result in women to becoming insecure about their body images but it is about being a healthy weight for your body, comfortable in your own skin and realizing these images are doctored with the intention to make monetary gains.


Britney Spears

After Britney’s downward spiral with her public meltdown, it seems it’s been hard for her to get her body back on track. This photo here clearly highlights the photo-shop worked down on Britney’s body for a magazine cover.

Britney’s recent comeback sees her looking better than before but even videography filters and editing was not ruled out. The image below was a leaked image from Britney’s most recent single release, Work B!tch. Britney is sporting a much tighter and toned tummy in the touched up video edit and also slimmer thighs.


Britney Spears in her newest music video clip


Britney Spears Live

This picture here shows Britney Spears at one of her live concerts in a midriff bearing top. It’s a far cry from the abs she has for magazine shoots, album covers and promo photo materials as below for Shape magazine.


Britney Spears for Shape Magazine 2013.


Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba looks pretty darn good as she does but she’s not exempt from having her waist tweeked to a smaller waist size and also slimmer thighs.


Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is photo-shopped and airbrushed  for the perfect hourglass, feminine sexy shape. Perfect curves given by digital enhancements.


Mariah Carey at a beach in LA

A natural shot of Mariah Carey at a beach in LA.


Kate Hudson

No chest? No worries! Photoshop will give you a natural and any size breasts you desire. Kate Hudson seen here on the left in her natural form with a small A cup chest and on the right is a retouched image of her breasts to a large cup size for the promo photo of her movie “Fool’s Gold.”


Victoria Beckham

No butt? No problems! Photoshop will give you that full and perky butt that is lusted after. Victoria Beckham is particularly known for her behind yet she sported a very full and voluptuous butt in her perfume campaign with David Beckham. Ahh, the magic of enhancements for body parts to increase or decrease.


Jennifer Aniston

While most of us would kill for Jen’s yoga body, this tummy isn’t quite good enough for the standards of magazines where it appears they have smoothed out the “extra” tummy bits.


Jennifer Aniston

Yes, Jen does look pretty darn good and while she’s perfectly fine au naturel as seen by her sunbathing on the beaches and hotel pools, that bit of retouching is needed to make her body picture perfect.


Jennifer Lopez

Promo shot of Jennifer Lopez to promote her album. Tanned, bronzed, sexy and….tight abs.



Yes, J.Lo does have a bangin’ hot body with all her curves and impressive set of abs. Bear in mind that many of the professional shots are specifically shot from certain angles to best capture the body and features of the model or celebrity. Lighting and makeup also play a big role as with the final editing touches to the photo which we are exposed to and at times seemingly, impossible to obtain. In this particular picture of J.Lo, the angle of the photo is very flattering to the abs. Leaned back position which flattens the tummy and shows great definition. Fret not….


Jennifer Lopez Live

Ahhh…yes, there are days when those abs of Ms Lopez aren’t out to play. Compare this photo to those of the magazines and promotional shots, these abs pictured are a far cry from the flat, toned and fab abs on display.


Ms Lopez

Refreshing photo. This is the kind of body that you would most likely see on the beach. Not perfect but beautiful as an untouched and natural way.

At the end of all this, there is no real quick or easy way to maintain that bikini body without the dedication and commitment to a healthy lifestyle which is a combination of nutrition and exercise. If these photos are anything to go by, we’d call it a “photoshop diet” because well, the models and celebrities are in their best shape thanks to digital help. Other than that, they have body hang ups just like the rest of us mere women. Despite having the luxury of have personal chefs and trainers to get them in shape, sometimes it takes more than just external help to achieve the ultimate body goal, yourself.

Take care of your body and love it inside and out!


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Celebrity Bargain Shoppers

These celebs get sent plenty of designer clothing and in their off duty times, they have disposable dollars by the truckload to play with but they aren’t (and don’t!) shy away from a good bargain!

Meet these bargain hunters/shoppers  and savvy celebrities!

Kate Middleton

Despite not ever needing to wait for sales or browse the discounted racks at the malls, the Duchess of Cambridge does. Kate Middleton is widely known and not afraid to to wear her outfits in public more than once! She loves a good bargain and is a regular at outlet shopping avenues scouring the discounted racks!


Kate Middleton, the ultimate ROYAL bargain hunter!

Blake Lively

While Blake loves fashion and can go on shopping sprees at the high end department stores without blinking an eye to the price tags for each garment, she doesn’t knock paying less if it needn’t be. An industry insider says; “With the Christian Louboutin sale, there’s not just a VIP day, but a celebrity day, there were pap shots of Blake Lively carrying bags and bags away. And this sample sale is the Shangri La of sample sales.”

Blake Lively Shopping

Blake loves shopping…at less than full price

Lady Gaga

We all love half price merchandize! Who doesn’t? Lady Gaga sure does! She was snapped digging through half price garments in New York stores and she couldn’t understand the amusement in people questioning her about shopping for 50% off merchandise. She tweeted her response on Twitter, “Why do people look at me like I’m crazy when I use coupons at grocery or try bargaining at retail, IM FROM NEW YORK WHERE IS THE SALE RACK?” Go Gaga!

Lady Gaga Shopping

Lady Gaga the thrifty shopper

Britney Spears

Britney is also a lover for bargain shopping having been spotted shopping at Target numerous times. Britney’s also been seen at outlet malls scouring the bargain racks.

Brtiney Spears Shopping

Britney loves shopping…and a bargain!

Angelina Jolie

Angelina is a clear example that she’s not afraid to wear modest priced items out and she’s not all about labels. She made headlines around the world for weeks when she made an appearance at a movie premier event wearing a velvet black dress which she got from an op shop for $26.00!

Angelina Jolie Dress Op Shop Fashion

Angelina in the infamous black velvet dress from an Op Shop for $26.00

Olivia Palermo

Olivia’s style is admired by fashionistas everywhere and while she’s regularly spotted in the first rows of fashion shows and events, the girl also loves a good bargain mixing and matching budget pieces with high end ones.

Olivia Palermo Style Shopping

The ever chic and budget Olivia Palermo

Are you a bargain hunter too? Do you get that rush from buying something that isn’t full price yet you love the piece immensely? Please share your comments below!

Designer pieces has it’s place to make one look and feel amazing but remember, budget pieces being styled creatively can really create a truly stunning outfit and look and maybe no one will ever know that it is a budget piece you have put together!



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Women’s Top Fashion Trend Fails…According to Men PART 1

Our first published blog post was based on the topic of the importance of fashion and how fashion has become an important constituent in our lives and the impact it makes in society. It’s a known fact that celebrities play a huge part and are major influencers in what styles and trends are in and hot. It goes as far as some celebrities having a defining style that is “unique” to them and we look to them for fashion inspiration and style. Fashion designers create collections of certain styles and looks with these celebrities in mind and as fashion enthusiasts we’re pretty switched in on following these trends.

There’s a saying that trends come and go but style stays with you forever. True?

We as women, generally all have our own style. Some like and wear very basic styles, some like casual, some like the classic glamour styles and some follow trends religiously. For some women, they tend to stick with this style all their lives while some like to switch it up and mix and match their style with fashion trends.

Men, on the other hand tend to stick with something they’re comfortable with for the most of their lives for the most part. They’re seemingly sensible with their clothing choices; practical, comfortable and resilient to wear and would last through whatever seasonal trend.

Based on the old adage that women are from Venus and men are from Mars that is almost certainly well applied (amongst other things) in the sense that when it comes to women’s fashion men don’t have much of a clue. Or do they? It seems there are certain women’s fashion trends which they simultaneously love and some they loathe.

The following posts are purely for entertaining information and in no way intended to criticize or humiliate people. The information provided is to simply provide a guide for people who want some help with personal style and grooming.

So…in getting to it. We’ve dug through several researches to find out the hot and not trends as perceived by men and we combined those findings with our own research on what guy’s pet peeves of women’s trends are. So here is the list of fashion blunders according to men.

  1. Ugg Boots

The infamous ugg boots was shunned by the guys hands down. They absolutely HATE it. In the words of a guy…”How the bleeping hell can you look hot in ugg boots?!” Yes, we get it, and also agree with them. As the pictures displayed below there’s all sort of wrong associated with it and let’s face it, inside shoes should stay remained inside the house.

Even stylin’ fashion icons such as Kate Moss, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Aniston can hardly pull off the ugg boots look outside.


Even stylin’ celebrities don’t look so cool in uggs

So while guys love seeing women in high heels, we know and surely they know it too that it isn’t always possible.

According to one of our interviewed male participants Jake, 26, from Whitfords “God knows why girls find the ugg boots so appealing. It’s downright ugly and to wear it outside? I don’t know. I’m no fashion expert but I don’t see anything sexy about it and ugg boots are so much uglier than girls realize. Maybe just wear some nice flat shoes or something; I think that would be ok.”

Thanks Jake. We recognize ugg boots are insanely comfortable but girls, please, do refrain from taking them out to the streets. You don’t want to portray the image likes of Britney Spears do you…?

Oh and of course we’ve got to include Snookie too…


The perfect example of why you should NOT wear inside shoes out…it looks ridiculous

  1. Jeggings / Leggings

We’re a bit torn on this one. Jeggings and treggings has some great merits worth mentioning but then it can go terribly wrong if it lands in the wrong hands, or bottoms should we say. According to the guys….

“I don’t like it (leggings). Maybe because it reminds me of when it went out of fashion and I picture fat moms going to the local shops in their leggings, slippers, baggy t-shirt  that’s stained and wearing no bra and with their messy hair all over the place. I think  that’s wrong. I know that some girls don’t look like that but seriously, there are plenty of   other nice things girls can wear besides leggings!” – Matt, 28, from Thornlie

 “I think leggings are neither ok, not really the best clothing a girl could wear, nor my favourite on a girl but I think some girls can pull leggings off. If a girl doesn’t have good legs then they probably shouldn’t wear them. To be honest, no one wants to see through to dimples or cellulite. It sounds a bit harsh but it wouldn’t flatter you at all. You’d be better off to wear something to cover that so it’s more flattering. Oh, and PLEASE do not  wear ugg boots with leggings. Why oh why would you mix the two together? It’s such an ugly combination and god knows why girls wear them out and treat it as if its shoes.”

Here is the reason why we think guys are so opposed to leggings/treggings/jeggings of any sort…


Who and when to NOT wear leggings

  1. The colour pink

Strangely enough guys just don’t dig the colour pink. Why? We’re not too sure.

According to Adam from Bayswater, “Pink is ok, just not the Barbie pink. And one piece of clothing of pink is ok to wear but it gets a bit weird when I see girls in colour coordinated outfits from entire pink. Makes them look like a walking pink lollipop. No thanks.”


Men’s grief…pink

  1. Harem Pants

 Ahhh harem pants. When we first asked our guy participants if they liked harem pants  they just stared back as if we were asking them them a question in another language. Maybe we are in fashion terms. Frankie, 22 from South Lakes looked particularly bewildered so we thought we’d pick on him to answer. “Huh??” was his only response. We then showed him the following photos to indicate what harem pants are. “What the heck?! What kind of pants is that!”Yes he did answer, but it wasn’t a question, but with exclamation. “I don’t know what kind of pants that is, harem or whatever but that’s so not hot. If women follow that trend please shoot me. It’s not an attractive trend to be following or wear at all, that’s all I have  to say about that.”

We showed him photos of catwalk style harem pants and Frankie’s response still didn’t budge. “Umm….still a big fat NO! No matter what colour you change it, it’s still pretty ugly.”

Ok, so we are in agreement to Frankie’s comments. We do think that harem pants are one of the worst fashion inventions….ever!


These ladies are teaming accessories with harem pants for a dressier occasion…still no glam factor?


Harem pants on the catwalk

harem pants

What? How can this possibly be stylish??

  1. Jumpsuits/Rompers

We showed some photos of rompers and jumpsuits and there were slight mixed responses amongst the guys.


Something the guys don’t mind as much

“I think its kinda cute. If I had saw a girl wear that on the street I probably wouldn’t pick it as a romper, I’d just think it was just a long top over matching coloured shorts.” – Victor, 28, from Bibra Lake

“These are pretty hideous, especially the first one in the pic. Looks like she raided her grandma’s closet and tried to bring it into fashion and for me, that just doesn’t work. Everything is wrong about that outfit. No for me.” – Jamie, 27 from Jandakot

Stella jumpsuits

Stella McCartney jumpsuits…even money can’t buy you style (sometimes)

“Heidi Klum and Katie Holmes look frumpy and makes them look fat. I much prefer the yellow one on Elle McPherson, it’s more fitted and doesn’t look like a jumpsuit, so that I don’t mind. The other two, I’d say pass!” – Jay, 25 from Leederville

“I agree with Jay, the jumpsuits on Heidi and Katie is just downright ugly. Not to mention the colour. What an awful combo. Come on girls, this type of clothing doesn’t make you look elegant at all. The one on Elle isn’t so bad.” – Danny, 29 from Leederville


Celebrity jumpsuits – Some get it so right…and some get it so wrong

  1. Gladiator Sandals

 With this particular trend, the guys just don’t get it either.

“Looks like you’re gonna bust out and do some serial serious slaying like the Spartans did. This shouldn’t be a fashion trend for shoes. Leave this look for the Spartans and stick  with regular sandals or something.” – Brad, 18, from Como

 “My girlfriend actually has a pair of these. She seems to love them and wear it all summer long. I’m not a fan of the ones that spiral up your legs but lucky for me my girlfriend has the sandal sort so I guess I’m ok with that.” – Victor 23, from Warwick

“Don’t like it. Looks complicated and not feminine at all. I like girls in simple shoes.” – Matthew 33, from Bentley


Lady Spartan – MK Olsen


Ashley Tisdale

  1. Ridiculously high heels

Yes we agree that some girls do wear ridiculously high heels and do make a total fool of themselves when they cannot carry themselves gracefully in them. If you’re hobbling around in them, just stick to something a more conventional heel height ladies.


Ahhh I knew I should’ve opted for the flats!

But if you can carry yourself in sky high heels, all the merits to you!

“A woman can look incredibly sexy in heels. I personally think they’re great, but only if she can walk in them. There’s nothing worse than seeing a hot woman and she’s hobbling around. Not a sexy look. Also, some girls wear super high heels and it just makes them look stupid when they look like they’re struggling to wear it every minute they are wearing it. In that case, it would be better to just wear something you’re more comfortable with rather than trying too hard.” – Evan 26, Mt Lawley

“Heels are hot. I see some girls look amazing in them but for others not so much. If they can’t carry it off elegantly then it just ruins the look. Some of them just end up taking off their heels and carrying it. That’s not an elegant look either.” – Samuel, 27, Beechboro


model-falling-herve ledger

These shoes aren’t made for walking…Slip…tumble…fall


Better make my manager find me contracts which doesnt require me to wear heels!

  1. Shapeless outfits

Listen up girls! Guys love to see our curves. It’s very alluring and appealing to them. This is not to say go out and wear the tiniest and tightest dress you own but something that is flattering to your shape. We suppose they don’t like the baggy shapeless look because it reminds them of cranky old ladies.

“When girls wear dresses that’s baggy it just makes me think they couldn’t be bothered. It does nothing for their looks or body. What’s worse, makes them look even fatter when they may not be fat at all.” – Justin, 20 from Alexander Heights

“I don’t understand why you’d want to wear a dress like that. It doesn’t do your body any favours.” – Adam, 19 from Morley


Looks like Couture raided nanna’s old tableclothes and made it into this outfit


Grandma dress much anyone?


Drew Barrymore – You do your body shape no justice…

  1. Clothing too small

Now here’s a “trend” which we do not condone. Completely and utterly not flattering, not stylish, not a good look and looks uncomfortable too!

“That’s totally off putting. Tuck it all away where we don’t have to see it! Arghhhh!” – Ben, 18, Como

“I’m all in for a slim girl to be in clothing that’s skimpy and tight but I’m not in for clothing that’s skimpy on girls with excess. Sorry but there’s better clothing to wear if you’re a bigger girl. Even if you’re a skinnier girl and you wear skimpy clothes it looks great but nothing beats a girl with class and style.” Gordon, 29, Sorrento

“There’s all sorts of wrong with a girl wearing something too small for her body. Not at all attractive. Not a fan of the muffin top. Never have, never will be. Please do cover up.” – Vince, 25, Thornlie


Eeek!! The other extreme of ill fitting clothes



  1. Padded/Pointy shoulders

The guys aren’t onboard with this trend and they fail to understand why the fashion industry would try to make this look hot.

“Are you trying to relive the 80s again? Not a fan of the look. Maybe because I wasn’t old enough in that era to experience that trend but I still don’t think the trend should be brought back to this day by any means…” – Ben, 20, Joondana

“Looks like she’s trying to be a superhero. Not hot.” – Carlos, 24, Wickham


My shoulder points doubles as my handbag holder

So that wraps up Part 1 of Women’s Top Fashion Trend Fails According to Men.

What are your thoughts on the featured trends above? Do you agree or disagree with what men’s critique on these women’s trends? We’d love to hear your comments.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog series as we reveal the next 10 fashion trends men loathe!

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