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How To Wear Printed Leggings

The conventional black leggings are a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. It’s highly versatile, comfortable and practical. But it’s also great to switch it up and experiment with something that’s a little more daring.

Printed leggings may be a little bit daunting to some girls because of it’s punch and boldness. But…it needn’t be so scary to wear such a statement piece. If pieced together correctly, you can make a very interesting and stylish outfit combination with printed leggings.

The key is to let the leggings do all the talking and keeping everything else to a minimum.

How To Wear Printed Leggings: tips to nailing the printed leggings look and looking tasteful

  • Wear with plain or solid colored tops – nothing that clashes with prints.
  • Do not wear the leggings as pants! Ensure your top is long enough to cover your behind to avoid looking trashy
  • Wear with a chunky heel or ankle boots
  • Layer up! Have fun layering over your top

Why not experiment with our pair of “Tigress” high waisted leopard print leggings.

This pair of leggings has been a hit with customers and we have a last pair left at a special price of $19.95!

Tigress - Last Pair Special Price

Need a bit of inspiration? Here is our LookBook for the “Tigress” Leggings.

Neutrally cool

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How To Create A Chic Corporate Look

A corporate outfit does not necessitate boring black and white ensembles of daggy skirts and blouses.

The great thing about a corporate wardrobe is that it only requires only a  few classic editions to create endless combinations that will make you look totally chic and sophisticated that will wow the office.

The key point is to invest in quality and classic garments that will stand the test of time as well as having the ability to be worn with different pieces. The color and patterns of the fabric also plays a role in defining the look.

Lastly, remember to choose patterns and cuts that will compliment your body shape without compromising on your personal style. This will ensure you maximize your investment as well as look ravishing chic.

Here is our LookBook inspiration:


Here are 5 staple items that should be in every corporate wardrobe:

1. Blouse/Button Down Top/Crisp shirt

A must have piece, that is also ultra versatile is a crisp white blouse button down shirt. This item goes with any pants, mid or long length skirt. This is a must have investment piece which not only is practical, versatile but also classically stylish.

2. Tailored, fitted jacket

A well fitted jacket is a hands down winner piece to not only make you look great but also feel great. It makes a flattering addition to any corporate ensemble of a skirt or pants. With the right prints and fabrics, you can take the jacket wear beyond the office and mix it up with denim jeans, experiment with different tops for a combination of chic looks.

3. Fitted bottoms/skirt

A great pair of tailored business pants or  skirt will create a slimmer silhouette and enhance your shape fabulously. It is a good idea to invest in a good pair of fitted black pants and skirt that will enhance your figure, one that is comfortable and in some cases, can be taken to other occasions beyond the office. A pencil skirt is one of the most flattering and chic styles that not only channels corporate chic but it can also be sexy chic by night. So you can leverage the versatility of the pencil skirt by mixing and matching your top to your desired look by day to night.

4. Point toe shoes/pumps

While keeping your clothing attire conservative, switching up your shoes is a great way to add an edge and switch up your look.

The black point toe pumps is a classic for a crispy, corporate look but there are so many variations of the classic pumps so why not switch it up and add an extra pizzazz to your outfit?

We suggest:

Suede Slingback Heels

CAMILLA | Pointed Toe Suede Slingback Heels $54.95


GRACE | Pointed Toe Black & Clear Side Pumps

GRACE | Pointed Toe Black & Clear Side Pumps $59.95


NICOLE | Studded Patent Point Toe Pumps

NICOLE | Studded Patent Point Toe Pumps $59.95


5. Accessories

Experiment with different accessories such as a bold necklace and bangles to liven your outfit up.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a specific office look? Do let us know! 🙂

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Fashion 101: Dressing For Your Age

Fashion is something that females have always been interested in, if not an obsession for some. Fashion is great in so many ways in the sense that you can express yourself through your clothes and accessories, feel stylish, glam and  overall, just look and feel good in your fashion attire.

Trends is an external factor that affects our style and it’s also a natural progression that our style will change when we enter different age groups. Some people make a fabulous fashion transition to suit their changing selves but for some,  the shift just doesn’t happen and if it does, not quite right.

Even celebrities who have stylists at their disposal aren’t immune to this fashion crime. Just goes to show money does not equate to style. Let’s see…

Heidi Klum

Yes you’re a Victoria Secret Angel. But you’re also a year away from hitting the 4-0 and have one..two..three..four…and we lost count of how many kids you have. Cover up a bit and do your kids proud with less skin.

Heidi Klum dress

Heidi Klum…yes you’re hot but cover up for the sake of your kids!

Vanessa Williams

With all that fortune you’d think you could pull out a strapless bra to wear with tops like these. And honestly, a contrasting bra strap showing is just not classy. Vanessa, this look might of worked at 20 something but at 48 it’s time to ditch the bra strap look and opt for a little more concealment of your undergarment.

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa…you’re old enough for a strapless bra

Jennifer Lopez

Yep, we all know that Jennifer works really hard to get a body like that and there’s nothing wrong with showing off all the effort…just not in something that is more suitable to someone who’s half your age.

Jennifer Lopez

JLo…let the ladies half yoru age rock this look ok?

Melanie Griffith

She’s renown for her addiction to plastic surgery to hold onto her youth. Certain garments shouldn’t be held onto or worn when you’re at age 54. Leggings is one of them.

Melanie Griffith

Melanie, leave the leggings at home…your daughter will be proud.


Mariah Carey

Mariah’s known for her impressive vocal chords but over the last few years she’s more famous for her choice of clothing over anything else, probably even more so than her diva demands. She once said she feels like a twelve year old at heart, it does not mean you should dress like one! Pardon that, that’s a very scantily dressed twelve year old! With all that fame and fortune, cover up, show some class and retire those too little hotpants, outerwear bodysuits and too skin tight dresses. It’s more embarrassing than sexy.

Mariah Carey

MC! Save this outfit for your own private time

Linda Hogan

Ok this is a bit of a barf in the mouth. This is Linda Hogan – Hulk Hogan’s ex wife. Besides her taste for very young fashion (if not a bit stripper-y) she also has a penchant for much younger men. She’s presently engaged to one of her son’s former high school classmates – Charlie Hill.

Linda Hogan

A bit too much tan, a bit too much of a thigh split, a bit too much of an age gap with your toy boy. Cradle snatcher alert!

The classy age gap? She’s 52 and he’s 22.

On the contrary there’s celebs who are young but have decided to raid their nana’s closet before their due time.

Taylor Swift

She’s only a teen and credit is given to her for not falling into the same boat as her rival performers such as Miley Cyrus who tries too desperately to break free of her youth image. Having said that, you can still be young and sexy without going OTT with skanky or too conservative and outright daggy and old! There’s a fine line and Taylor, hire a stylist to help you!

Taylor Swift

Taylor…you’re only 22, save this outfit for another 22 years into the future.

Jessica Biel

She’s just married one of the most eligible bachelors in Tinsletown but her style sense has somewhat gone from screen siren to frump and nanna-like. JT’s known to be pretty fashion savvy himself so he just may need to step in and help Jess bring sexy back.

Jessica Biel

Whatever happened to the stylish Ms Biel? You’re married, not a nun!

Selena Gomez

She’s young and gorgeous and at the peak time of her years to dress in adorable bubble skirts and dresses, prints, florals and all things that resonate youth and liberation. While this dress Selena is wearing is fab it’s something that her slightly older counterpart would look better in.

Selena Gomez

Selena, you’re a young pretty thing, have some fun with bright bold colours


Until next post, stay beautiful fashionistas!



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