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How To Dress On A Budget And Still Look Amazing!

We have always been a firm believer that you do not need to spend an entire month’s pay check to look your best. What’s more, you can look just as dazzling, sophisticated and chic with an item that you bought for $10.00. We all know of women who are all about dressing all things designer from head to toe. While this is no crime it is our opinion that it is a bit of overkill and unnecessary. Of course we don’t rule out completely the opportunity to spoil yourself with a designer piece on those desired occasions but budget fashion can exude just as much glam magnetism.

Here are a few easy tips to keep in mind to turning your budget purchases to designer looking territory.

1. Stock up on the basic, staple pieces

Don’t overlook the staple pieces that work wonders to your look. These staple items include basic tees, singlets, good quality denim jeans, a fitted and tailored skirt and/or dress to name a few. They are the building blocks to your look. You can mix these basic pieces with well invested blazers or pants and look ultra chic. Sometimes it is the simplistic looks such as a basic white tee teamed with a pair of skinny jeans and a designer handbag to make you look all designer-y. Check out our lookbook below.

Mixing Basic With Designer

“Blazen” white lace back singlet $14.95

2. Choose neutral & earth tones over brights and neons

These colors include;

  • black
  • white
  • gray
  • cream
  • tan
  • olive

The reason why these colors are timeless and fail proof is because of their sleekness factor. They are easily coordinated with one another, pastels, brights, prints and patterns making them ultra versatile and chic. These colors are the building basis and indispensable for any woman’s wardrobe, whether you are casual and laid back or trendy and adventurous with the fashion styles. The power of these colors are in it’s versatility and will ensure you will look elegant effortlessly.

Earth Tones Budget At Envious Fashions Online Fashion Boutique

“Vanity” Side Split Black Maxi Skirt $21.95
“Celine Me Alone” tees $24.95
“Mirander” Peep toe Patent Nude Pumps $79.95

3. Simplicity in handbags/clutches

A simple, no fuss handbag or clutch can go a long way in creating an overall image to make you look sophisticated and chic. It’s a simple piece of accessory that really contributes to your look. Clutches are a great accessory to pair with a day or evening outfit and really compliment your outfit.


Patent Nude Clutch Bag $54.95

4. Catch the sales

Who doesn’t love a good sale? You can be shopping for sales and get clothing at discounted prices all year round by a couple of savvy shopping tactics such as shopping at the end of season rather than the start of season, sample sales and sign up to online newsletters to be alerted of when a sale will be on or specials or discounts offered to members. Most retailers send regular email newsletters to their subscribers offering discounts on a weekly or monthly basis so it’s a great way for you to be alerted of the specials without having to go look for it. Brilliant.

sales-at-envious-fashionsClick here to sign up to Envious Fashion’s monthly e-newsletter to receive exclusive discounts and offers. We promise you no spam, just the good stuff.

5. Find a good tailor

Most people wouldn’t think it but having a good tailor can work miracles to your outfits to make you look so much more sophisticated and emulating designer styles. Have you noticed how the designer pieces looks immaculately form fitting and if you have ever tried it on, fits like a dream? Of course, it comes with the designer price tag. Just having your tailor taking in specific areas such as the shoulders, armpits and at the waist can really make a difference in the price value of your outfit.

Envious Fashions Tailor Services

In house tailor service at our shop 377 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth

Forget the hefty price, grab yourself a bargain by shopping sales and budget items and get a tailor to make the item custom fit to your body and you’re off to looking like you’re designer dressed at a fraction of the cost if you were to buy the high end piece.

If you are in the Perth area of Western Australia, we have in house tailors at our shop with over 20 years experience with clothing alterations at super affordable prices!

Alterations for general trousers and pants range from $10 – $50

Alterations for regular dresses range from $10 – $50

Hems taken up range from $5 – $15

Evening dresses/ball dresses/ball gowns range from $20 – $80

Our shop address is located at 377 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth.

Click here to see the map to get there.

Do you like to shop budget? Let us know by leaving your comment in the section below.


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1 Top 5 Ways: Long Sleeve White Lace Top

There’s something so alluring about white lace tops. It could be that the lace emit so much feminine in a simple, chic and effortless way. They’re also  super versatile for any occasion, never go out of season and well, looks flattering on almost every body shape.

Here’s the top 5 looks to wear white lace tops for different occasions.

Which one is your favorite?

1. Chic And Casual but Perfectly Polished

Such as simple and chic look that is perfect for day wear. Look perfectly chic and be comfortable by teaming the “Lacey” long sleeve white lace top with a pair of your favorite blue denim jeans and staple accessories for a winning chic look. Simple perfection.


2. Casual Chic with a Splash Of Color

Mix it up and wear the “Lacey” long sleeve white lace top with a pair of pastel or neon colored denim jeans. The white lace top goes with virtually any colored bottom and will add that fun and playful factor to your look. The burst of color adds a great touch to the classic white color. Accessorize with gold jewellery for maximum chic style.


3. Rock Street Chic Style

Wear the “Lacey” long sleeve white lace top with 2013/14’s hot skort trend. Wear the white lace top alone or add a black leather jacket over the top. Add a pair of sky high pumps to elongate those sexy pins!


4. Be Polished & Elegant

This look is undeniably glam and elegant mixed with style and sexiness. This look can be worn from the office to the bar; sophisticated by day and sexy by night.


5. Bring Bright & Bold Colors

Incorporate a bright and bold color such as orange to classic colors and pieces for a super stylish look. This “Lacey” long sleeve white lace top contrasts beautifully against the orange skirt with either a pair of matching color pumps or wear with a classic pair of heels or pumps. This look is sexy and stylish with the nth degree!


Which look is your favorite?

You can shop the “Lacey” long sleeve white lace top at our online store for only $29.95!

Click here to shop this “Lacey” long sleeve white lace top.

Share your thoughts with us!


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10 Best Styling Tips

Knowing the basics of styling can mean you will be able to save a lot of hard earned cash and the ability to look amazing and be ultra versatile with what you already have in your wardrobe.

Looking good doesn’t necessarily mean always following the latest fashion trends and styles but rather working existing fashion pieces to make you look up to the minute, make you feel confident and of course, look superb.

Follow a few of these basic styling tips to your daily dressing and outfits and you’ll be a savvy styling fashionista in a flash every…day.

Here is our top 10 basic styling tips:

  • Invest in wardrobe staples: These include white tanks, black singlets, blouses, blazers, black leggings etc. These pieces will stand the test of time and fashion seasons. They are also highly versatile to create any look for any occasion and ensure you will look chic and flawless every time.


  • Know your body shape: By knowing your body shape enables you to maximize your best assets and disguise those features which aren’t so flash. Also, it will ensure you will have the best fit and flattering silhouette when you shop for clothing. Sometimes not all trends will suit every one of us and while some pull it off flawlessly, it doesn’t mean all of us can achieve that. Some people may say that if you have the confidence to wear it, you will look good and be able to pull it off. Could be a bit of a controversy but we think not. If it’s a trend that you don’t think you can pull off, it’s probably best to not try it out in public.
  • The Little Black Dress: Well, this is an obvious one. Works every time when you have “nothing to wear” or feel bloated. Makes you look amazing. Makes you feel great. What’s more to it? It’s a must have and there’s never too many LBDs to have in your closet. Have a few casual little black dresses for day and a few more little black dresses for night wear. You are completely covered fashionista.


  • The magical powers of high heels: A pair of heels can instantaneously transform a look. One minute, plain to next minute sexy siren. A pair of patent nude pumps and black pump heels works for any and all occasions.


  • Find your signature look: Just like Victoria Beckham is known for her polished, sleek and fitted outfits to Sienna Miller’s gypsy boho look. Experiment and find out what looks work best for you, flatter you and stick with it. A fool proof style never goes out of season.
  • When in doubt, it is better to overdress: That uncomfortable feeling when you feel out of place when you’re under-dressed. Maybe the invite or the occasion didn’t really specify the dress code but rather than feeling like you want to crawl into a hole and stay there because everyone else is dressed up, it is best to adopt the look that is prepped and polished rather than out of place under-dressed.
  • Update a look with accessories: The best way to update a look or outfit is to add accessories. For a casual or rather simplistic outfit, add a statement accessory item to jazz up the look. Whether this be a statement necklace, earrings or chunky bangles, the accessories are only limited to your imagination. The easiest way to reinvent and update your look with minimal spend and effort!


  • Have a good tailor: A good tailor goes a long way. Sometimes we have that piece of clothing that we’re high sentimental and it just cannot be re-purchased. Find a local tailor who does an awesome job at mending your clothes. P.S We have a in house tailor at our Perth store location who does a variety of alterations to evening dresses, dresses, trousers and more. During the ball season, we have a high demand for evening gown alterations for the perfect fit. Contact us for more information.
  • Add some sparkle: It’s amazing just by adding something sparkly makes all the difference to an outfit. You instantly look glam which makes you feel confident.
  • Be trendy and confident:  You’ll naturally look more amazing in what you wear when you ooze the confidence when wearing your outfit. Having a knack for knowing what’s hot is a great thing but it’s also about finding a style that looks hot on you and then finding trending pieces to incorporate into your look. Be comfortable and confident and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through your fashion outfits. Be proud of your style and have fun!

Happy styling!

Envious Fashions Online fashion boutique store - signature

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Must Have: Edgey Street Chic Black Leggings

Autumn marks the perfect weather for a pair of black leggings.

Correction…a funky, cool and chic pair of black leggings such as our “Misdemeanor” black ripped leggings with lace underlay.


Check out how versatile these leggings are to create different looks!

Look 1: Wear the leggings with a leather jacket with spike accent details and ankle boots for a tough chic, raw edgy look.


Look 2: Team the black leggings and color coordinate with nude tones for an effortless chic look for day or night.


Look 3: Do monochrome style in black and white. A classic and hot look that is not only versatile but always stylish and a look and color combination that will never go out of style.


Look 4: Or why not be a bit more daring and add pops of neon colors with your black leggings for a fun, vibrant look that is still edgy but exudes cool chic. 

shiny-black-leggingsWhat’s your favorite look?

Do let us know by leaving your comments below!


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Fashion Friday Outfit: From Desk To Dusk


Here’s a Fashion Friday Outfit LookBook for the working she, taking the desk look to dusk!

Hot stuff!




Friday Night Chic

Love it? Hate it? Share with us your thoughts on the AM to PM looks in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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