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Cobalt Blue Styling Tips

Cobalt blue, also known as royal blue  is one of the most popular statement colors in fashion for it’s ease of wear and bold statement appeal without being over the top. We published a blog post How To Wear Cobalt Blue last year and received a lot of questions about how to style cobalt blue clothing with accessories, shoes and how to wear the color.

We’ve decided to revisit this gorgeous color and show you more looks which will help you style this gorgeous color that is universally flattering and is fabulous for a day or night wear. Hot on the runway, celebrities opting for this color for red carpet events and fashion bloggers rocking this hue, it shows the versatility of the color. Whether you want to make a striking statement in head to toe cobalt blue or opt for subtle pieces of cobalt blue, check out the looks below for cobalt blue styling inspiration.

Cobalt blue on the runway

cobalt blue runway trends

Cobalt blue worn by A Listers on the red carpet

cobalt blue celebrities red carpet

Street style fashion bloggers rockin’ cobalt blue

street style fashion bloggers cobalt bluePops of cobalt blue

cobalt blue accessories street style

Shop cobalt blue dresses 

cobalt blue dresses Make a statement with cobalt blue necklaces

cobalt blue necklaces accessories

Colors to wear with cobalt blue;

  • Black and white
  • Color blocking
  • Patterns and prints
  • Metallics

Read further on color styling guide: cobalt blue for further styling tips of this beautiful statement hue.

Questions or comments? Feel free to leave us what’s on your mind in the comments section below.


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Styling Guide: Chiffon White Blouse

The chiffon white blouse is a fabulous wardrobe must have for it’s chic and versatility. It should be a staple piece in every woman’s closet for those days when you have “nothing to wear” or just want to throw together an outfit in less than 5 minutes but have you looking fabulously hot.

The chiffon white blouse is perfect for the workplace but looks just as fabulous for a casual day out or a dinner date.

The outfit combinations you can create with the chiffon white blouse is countless; wear with denim jeans, colored jeans, the skort, leggings or tailored pants.


Casual Sexy Chic: hiffon White Blouse with denim jeans


Simply Sophisticated Glam

For more style inspiration on how to wear the chiffon white blouse see the rest of this blog post at “How To Wear the Sheer White Blouse” at Envious Fashion online fashion boutique.

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How To Dress On A Budget And Still Look Amazing!

We have always been a firm believer that you do not need to spend an entire month’s pay check to look your best. What’s more, you can look just as dazzling, sophisticated and chic with an item that you bought for $10.00. We all know of women who are all about dressing all things designer from head to toe. While this is no crime it is our opinion that it is a bit of overkill and unnecessary. Of course we don’t rule out completely the opportunity to spoil yourself with a designer piece on those desired occasions but budget fashion can exude just as much glam magnetism.

Here are a few easy tips to keep in mind to turning your budget purchases to designer looking territory.

1. Stock up on the basic, staple pieces

Don’t overlook the staple pieces that work wonders to your look. These staple items include basic tees, singlets, good quality denim jeans, a fitted and tailored skirt and/or dress to name a few. They are the building blocks to your look. You can mix these basic pieces with well invested blazers or pants and look ultra chic. Sometimes it is the simplistic looks such as a basic white tee teamed with a pair of skinny jeans and a designer handbag to make you look all designer-y. Check out our lookbook below.

Mixing Basic With Designer

“Blazen” white lace back singlet $14.95

2. Choose neutral & earth tones over brights and neons

These colors include;

  • black
  • white
  • gray
  • cream
  • tan
  • olive

The reason why these colors are timeless and fail proof is because of their sleekness factor. They are easily coordinated with one another, pastels, brights, prints and patterns making them ultra versatile and chic. These colors are the building basis and indispensable for any woman’s wardrobe, whether you are casual and laid back or trendy and adventurous with the fashion styles. The power of these colors are in it’s versatility and will ensure you will look elegant effortlessly.

Earth Tones Budget At Envious Fashions Online Fashion Boutique

“Vanity” Side Split Black Maxi Skirt $21.95
“Celine Me Alone” tees $24.95
“Mirander” Peep toe Patent Nude Pumps $79.95

3. Simplicity in handbags/clutches

A simple, no fuss handbag or clutch can go a long way in creating an overall image to make you look sophisticated and chic. It’s a simple piece of accessory that really contributes to your look. Clutches are a great accessory to pair with a day or evening outfit and really compliment your outfit.


Patent Nude Clutch Bag $54.95

4. Catch the sales

Who doesn’t love a good sale? You can be shopping for sales and get clothing at discounted prices all year round by a couple of savvy shopping tactics such as shopping at the end of season rather than the start of season, sample sales and sign up to online newsletters to be alerted of when a sale will be on or specials or discounts offered to members. Most retailers send regular email newsletters to their subscribers offering discounts on a weekly or monthly basis so it’s a great way for you to be alerted of the specials without having to go look for it. Brilliant.

sales-at-envious-fashionsClick here to sign up to Envious Fashion’s monthly e-newsletter to receive exclusive discounts and offers. We promise you no spam, just the good stuff.

5. Find a good tailor

Most people wouldn’t think it but having a good tailor can work miracles to your outfits to make you look so much more sophisticated and emulating designer styles. Have you noticed how the designer pieces looks immaculately form fitting and if you have ever tried it on, fits like a dream? Of course, it comes with the designer price tag. Just having your tailor taking in specific areas such as the shoulders, armpits and at the waist can really make a difference in the price value of your outfit.

Envious Fashions Tailor Services

In house tailor service at our shop 377 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth

Forget the hefty price, grab yourself a bargain by shopping sales and budget items and get a tailor to make the item custom fit to your body and you’re off to looking like you’re designer dressed at a fraction of the cost if you were to buy the high end piece.

If you are in the Perth area of Western Australia, we have in house tailors at our shop with over 20 years experience with clothing alterations at super affordable prices!

Alterations for general trousers and pants range from $10 – $50

Alterations for regular dresses range from $10 – $50

Hems taken up range from $5 – $15

Evening dresses/ball dresses/ball gowns range from $20 – $80

Our shop address is located at 377 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth.

Click here to see the map to get there.

Do you like to shop budget? Let us know by leaving your comment in the section below.


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Trending: Point Toe White Pumps – Try the Trend!

If you’re in the summer hemisphere then summer is just around the corner. We’re spotting the point toe white pumps as the season’s hottest new trend. Although white is fabulous for summer, for those fashionistas in the Northern hemisphere of the world, the point toe white pumps also looks great incorporated into a monochrome outfit.

The white heel footwear has been traditionally dabbled in on only very lightly and it was once considered only the brave fashion trendsetters would venture. Why? Because it was often perceived to be “tacky” and reserved for the women who resembled the Stepford wives to wear them. Yes, the point toe white pumps can be a difficult trend to pull off and for the most part, most people aren’t sure how to style the white shoe look without creating a massive fashion faux paux. So, they would rather skip the risk of looking such part.

That being said, this shoe trend is coming back in a big way and when styled correctly with color-blocking, geometric pieces, monochrome and basic pieces, the point toe white pumps can smash the look out of the park.


Perfectly polished and chic teaming the point toe white pumps with denim

Check out the celebrities and fashion bloggers below for styling inspiration and how they are rocking the point toe white pumps trend.


Celebs wearing point toe white pumps: Rhianna, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow


More celebs wearing the point toe white pumps trend: Heidi Klum, Kate Beckingsale, Hilary Duff


Rosie Huntington-Whitely looking pretty and chic in all white with point toe white pumps and a cute strapless uneven hem dress


The ever stylish Jessica Alba in printed pants and point toe white pumps


The boho chic fashionista Nicole Ritchie rocking the all white look in point toe white pumps


Ciara pairing a pair of point toe white pumps with a mini dress for a sassy and sexy look


Queen of monochrome and fashion forward pieces, Victoria Beckham channels ladylike glam in a black long sleeve and skater skirt with point toe white pumps


Point toe white pumps hot on the runway


Fashion Blogger: The Bengal Buzz rocking point toe white pumps with a navy ensemble for a street style look


Perfect office look of white and navy combo: White top with a fitted high waisted skirt and perfectly finishing off with point toe white pumps


Fashion Blogger at Luxo: Effortless street style chic in black with point toe white pumps

Fashion Blogger: Annabelle Fleur

Fashion Blogger: Annabelle Fleur styling monochrome outfit perfectly

Tell us what you think! Will you be rocking the point toe white pump trend?

We have the point toe white pumps available at our website for a cool $54.95 so there’s no excuses for not trying this trend!

Click here to shop now!


“Lovisa” point toe white pumps $54.95

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The Photoshop Diet: What’s Real And What’s Not

We never realized being a supermodel with a flawless figure is so hard!

Doutzen Kroes spills the beans on how she feels guilty for her own perfect figure makes girls feel uncomfortable and self conscious about their own bodies. Hrmm…what a tough life.


The hard life. Doutzen Kroes

She tells in an interview with Page Six “Sometimes it makes me feel guilty that I am now in this profession that makes certain girls insecure. I wake up sometimes like, this is not what I look like in the magazine. Who is this visitor in the bathroom?”


It’s hard looking this hot all the time. Really.

It’s no secret that models and celebrities in showbiz are under a lot of pressure to look nothing less of perfect but when they fall short of that expectation and standard, there’s the good old airbrushing tactic. While we know the fashion and entertainment industry portrays women to be of a certain nature and while we realize some of these expectations and body images are unrealistic and exaggerated, we still feel pressurized to look a certain way.

Below we want to share with you the images portrayed and shown in the media are of pure alterations and enhancement by digital means. Yes, some are more models and celebrities with already pretty amazing bodies but even then, they still go through minor enhancements. It’s a sad thing that these media portrayals result in women to becoming insecure about their body images but it is about being a healthy weight for your body, comfortable in your own skin and realizing these images are doctored with the intention to make monetary gains.


Britney Spears

After Britney’s downward spiral with her public meltdown, it seems it’s been hard for her to get her body back on track. This photo here clearly highlights the photo-shop worked down on Britney’s body for a magazine cover.

Britney’s recent comeback sees her looking better than before but even videography filters and editing was not ruled out. The image below was a leaked image from Britney’s most recent single release, Work B!tch. Britney is sporting a much tighter and toned tummy in the touched up video edit and also slimmer thighs.


Britney Spears in her newest music video clip


Britney Spears Live

This picture here shows Britney Spears at one of her live concerts in a midriff bearing top. It’s a far cry from the abs she has for magazine shoots, album covers and promo photo materials as below for Shape magazine.


Britney Spears for Shape Magazine 2013.


Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba looks pretty darn good as she does but she’s not exempt from having her waist tweeked to a smaller waist size and also slimmer thighs.


Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is photo-shopped and airbrushed  for the perfect hourglass, feminine sexy shape. Perfect curves given by digital enhancements.


Mariah Carey at a beach in LA

A natural shot of Mariah Carey at a beach in LA.


Kate Hudson

No chest? No worries! Photoshop will give you a natural and any size breasts you desire. Kate Hudson seen here on the left in her natural form with a small A cup chest and on the right is a retouched image of her breasts to a large cup size for the promo photo of her movie “Fool’s Gold.”


Victoria Beckham

No butt? No problems! Photoshop will give you that full and perky butt that is lusted after. Victoria Beckham is particularly known for her behind yet she sported a very full and voluptuous butt in her perfume campaign with David Beckham. Ahh, the magic of enhancements for body parts to increase or decrease.


Jennifer Aniston

While most of us would kill for Jen’s yoga body, this tummy isn’t quite good enough for the standards of magazines where it appears they have smoothed out the “extra” tummy bits.


Jennifer Aniston

Yes, Jen does look pretty darn good and while she’s perfectly fine au naturel as seen by her sunbathing on the beaches and hotel pools, that bit of retouching is needed to make her body picture perfect.


Jennifer Lopez

Promo shot of Jennifer Lopez to promote her album. Tanned, bronzed, sexy and….tight abs.



Yes, J.Lo does have a bangin’ hot body with all her curves and impressive set of abs. Bear in mind that many of the professional shots are specifically shot from certain angles to best capture the body and features of the model or celebrity. Lighting and makeup also play a big role as with the final editing touches to the photo which we are exposed to and at times seemingly, impossible to obtain. In this particular picture of J.Lo, the angle of the photo is very flattering to the abs. Leaned back position which flattens the tummy and shows great definition. Fret not….


Jennifer Lopez Live

Ahhh…yes, there are days when those abs of Ms Lopez aren’t out to play. Compare this photo to those of the magazines and promotional shots, these abs pictured are a far cry from the flat, toned and fab abs on display.


Ms Lopez

Refreshing photo. This is the kind of body that you would most likely see on the beach. Not perfect but beautiful as an untouched and natural way.

At the end of all this, there is no real quick or easy way to maintain that bikini body without the dedication and commitment to a healthy lifestyle which is a combination of nutrition and exercise. If these photos are anything to go by, we’d call it a “photoshop diet” because well, the models and celebrities are in their best shape thanks to digital help. Other than that, they have body hang ups just like the rest of us mere women. Despite having the luxury of have personal chefs and trainers to get them in shape, sometimes it takes more than just external help to achieve the ultimate body goal, yourself.

Take care of your body and love it inside and out!


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Still Trending Strong: Peplums

When the peplum trend first hit the fashion scene a few seasons ago, there was mixed reactions to this style trend.

Some women embraced the peplum trend while some women shook their heads to this style.

It was one of those love it or hate it trend.

For the women who embraced the style. the saw the peplum’s power of creating multiple different looks, in different apparel pieces and for different occasions.

On the other hand, it is also understandable to those women who weren’t that keen on the peplum trend. Many women flinch at the idea of adding extra bulk around their torso.

That is a realistic thought but rather than see the peplum as contemptuous to your figure, learn to love the peplum style that will enhance, highlight and flatter your curves.

The first and foremost thing to do is determine what your body shape is.

Is it….

  • An hourglass shape?
  • Inverted triangle shape?
  • Triangle shape?
  • Square shape?

body-shapesHere’s how to pick the best peplum style for your body shape:


Curvy girls need not to be afraid of the peplum! In fact, it looks feminine and accentuate your curves beautifully. Being an hourglass shape means that you are already well proportioned and do not need to add any extra curves to your hip area. To best accentuate your curves, steer clear from picking pepulms with bold patterns and stripes around the hips area as this will make you appear unecessarily fuller.

Celebs with an hourglass shape includes:

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Kate Winslet
  • Beyonce
  • Scarlett Johansson

Wedge/Inverted Triangle:

This type of body shape defines women with broader upper body than the lower body. The peplum works wonderfully to balance out your shape. You can afford to pick details and pattern with your peplum dress.

Celebs with a wedge/inverted triangle shape includes:

  • Jessica Alba
  • Jessica Biel
  • Megan Fox
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Britney Spears


Women with a triangular body shape is the reverse of the wedge/ inverted triangle. You will have narrower shoulders and waist than your hips. You may have a small bust and large hips. To best choose a peplum for the triangle body shape, opt for an interesting neckline pepulm dress and minimal frills around the hip area to avoid making your lower half look bulk.

Celebs with a triangle shape includes:

  • Rihanna
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Teri Hatcher
  • Giselle Bundchen
  • Reneé Zellweger

Rectangle Body Shape:

The rectangular body shape is characterized by the same shape being carried from the top to the lower body, meaning, the proportions are very similar with the shoulders and hips.

The peplum can add extra definition to wear it is needed, being around the hips and butt. Pick a peplum dress that is fitted up top and bottom and a full peplum to show off your curves. You can also incorporate bright colors, prints or color block for an amazing look.

Celebs with a rectangular shape includes:

  • Cameron Diaz
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Anne Hathaway
  • Jennifer Garner
  • Naomi Watts

Check out our LookBook featuring our gorgeous turquoise “Jade” peplum mini dress. Available at our website for $34.95.

turquoise-peplum-mini-dressDo you love the peplum trend? Leave your comments in the comments section below! 🙂

Happy reading fashionistas!

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Golden Girl: How To Wear A Gold Dress

Gold used to be a color that the younger women would turn their backs on because it was often perceived as an “old lady” color.

That perception has certainly changed of late with the mad craze for all things gold, gold and more gold!

Gold is now considered one of the hottest fashion colors and a must have color for every fashionista out there; both in clothing and fashion accessories.

Gold adds a dazzling touch to your outfit and it can be styled so many different ways that is glam and possesses unmatched style statement.

Gold is super versatile and you can go for a  statement bold outfit or more subtle with jewellery and accessories.

How To Wear A Gold Dress

Doning a gold dress will ensure all eyes are on you as you step into the room. And you want all eyes on you for the right reason.


  • Choose a dress that really compliments your body shape. Pick a style of dress that you love and one that makes you feel and look totally fabulous. The easy way to do this is pick a body feature of yours that you really like. Your cleavage? Your legs? Your booty? Go ahead and pick a dress that will highlight the feature you want to show off.
  • Wear the gold dress  according to the occasion. For a fancier occasion, you can go all out glam with the gold dress with darker eye makeup. Go for a bronze tone eyeshadow and experiment with a smokey bronze with a gold eyeshadow or glitter for that extra pizzaz. Add sparkly gold jewellery to compliment the occasion and a pair of killer heels with gold tone accents. Gold does not have to be all for a dressier occasion and you can dress it down by the choice of accessories and other clothing pieces you pair with gold. Wear a denim jacket and a pair of boots to carry a casual yet still uber chic look.
  • Confidence. Yes. Wearing gold requires confidence. Who would’ve thought? When you wear the gold dress, you will stand out. The goal here is to look effortlessly chic and ooze confidence. The point here is that you are making a bold statement, featuring the dress. You want to turn heads and wow people, not only with the gold dress but also with the way you carry yourself. The key is, you should feel good about what you’re wearing. This will really shine through and project the confidence. This is the reason for pointer #1 when we say to choose a dress you really love, highlights your best feature/s and makes you look stunning. When you feel good, you look fabulous.

Check out our LookBook below featuring our super chic long sleeve lace gold dress “Show Stopper”.

Take advantage of the special price we’re offer of $24.95 for a limited time! Was $37.95, that’s a saving of 34%!

Enter code: flash123


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How To Wear Trench Coats

Trench coats is not a new trend but it is a trend that has stood the test of fashion time.

While many fashion trends have come and gone the trench coats have made appearances every season and year on the catwalks, in the malls, in magazines and an all round favourite winter coat for the cooler months.

Being a timeless and universally appealing and flattering style a trench coat is a wardrobe staple that is not only effortlessly easy to wear, it is so versatile in the sense that it can adapt to any outfit look you want to achieve.

The trench coats are favoured by celebrities and everyday women alike and to create a simple, sophisticated look is as simple as knowing which clothing and accessories will look best with it.

Things to consider before buying a trench coat

In order to find that perfect trench coat that will work all its might to flatter your shape and style it’s best to consider a few things before buying a trench coat.

  • Length of trench coat: Trench coats come in a variety of different lengths such as short, mid, longer mid and longer length (up to your ankles). It’s important to decide which length to buy based on your frame. For example if you’re petite it would be best to go for a shorter style trench coat over a longer one such as one that goes beyond your knees as it would flatter your small frame more and wouldn’t overwhelm your height. Alternatively if you really wanted to opt for a longer length style trench coat it would be recommended to wear with heels to elongate your stature.
  • Colour of trench coat: Black has always been the classic colour associated with trench coats as it exhumes a classic and elegant look regardless of what look you’re going for. Black trench coats also make it versatile for any occasion and remain trendy year after year. Trench coats also come in some bright colours such as orange, yellow and red for a modern twist. However if brights isn’t your thing, you can always stick to the conventional and classic black or get a trench coat in a neutral shade such as greys and beige.

Follow these tips to creating fabulous new looks featuring your trench coat and help you style this classic piece it in the way that is uniquely you.

What to wear Trench Coats with:

  1. With Jeans

For a chic everyday look wear your trench coat with your favourite pair of denim jeans. The looks you can create with jeans is pretty much endless here. For a classic relaxed chic look team the trench coat with skinny jeans in a mid wash, or a light wash. Dark wash blue denim jeans or black skinny jeans also make a great combination with the trench coat.

Envious Fashions Lookbook: Classic relaxed chic look

For a more playful and youthful look team the trench coat with this year’s hottest denim trend; coloured jeans. Whether that is pastel shades or neon brights, it’s a great way to wear a classic style of the trench coat with an up to date trend such as the coloured denim.

The trench coat can be worn open and swinging, tied up with a tied knot at the front, buttoned up and belted.

For a casual yet polished look team with a simple tee underneath the trench coat with any colour of jeans of your picking and wear with cute ballet flats.

For a dressier look wear your trench coat and skinny jeans with a pair of ankle booties or a pair of strappy heels.

Whether you’re going with a casual look or dressier one, accessorize accordingly with a statement ring, cute earrings, long chain necklace or bangles.

Envious Fashions LookBook: Polished and sophisticated

If you’re opting for a longer length trench coat, wear with heels or heeled boots to elongate your frame and make you appear taller. If you’re petite, wearing trench coats that fall below the knee will overwhelm your small frame and would be to wear shorter style to mid length trench coats.

  1. With dress pants

            This look is a sophisticated look for the corporate environment or a night time occasion. Wear your trench coat with a tailored pair of trousers for an ultra sophisticated and glam look. For a more classic look opt for black trousers. Cream  or  beige trousers will look just as sophisticated when worn with the black trench coat. For a super modern look wear snakeskin pointy heels with this ensemble for a sophisticated office look. Switch up the glam factor for night time and swap to nude coloured patent peep toes, accessorize with a statement pair of sparkly drop earrings and a evening clutch bag.

  1. Over a sweater dress

This is a great day look or a night look if you’re going somewhere semi casual. Wear a knee length or slightly above the knee sweater dress with black stockings and a pair of boots for a smart casual look. Pop the trench coat over the top of the sweater dress, belted up and you’re done. The contrasting textures create an amazing look that is also super comfy.

  1. With a pencil skirt

Wear your trench coat with a knee length fitted pencil skirt for a super sophisticated and sexy look that can easily be taken from day to night, from the office to dinner. Any neutral coloured pencil skirt would work very well. Team with pointed toe heels for day and strappy heels for night. This look is great way to show off your figure without showing too much.

Envious Fashions LookBook: Corporate sophistication

  1. With a cocktail dress

The trench coat is great for those chilly nights when you’re in your LCD (little cocktail dress). It’s will keep you warm but have you looking super stylish and not completely hide the gorgeous dress you have on underneath.

  1. With leggings/tights/opaque stockings

A very simple outfit combination but very flattering, comfortable and elegant. Wear your favourite pair of leggings or tights with the trench coat for a fuss free and stylish look. Pop on a scarf for the colder days and wear with heeled boots for simple elegance. If you’re going for a dressier look, team patent black heels with the outfit for a look that’s polished and very refined.

Envious Fashions LookBook: Simple & Sassy

Check out our version of the mid length trench coat retailing for $52.95 which can be purchased at our website

We hope you’ve found inspiration and enjoyed our LookBooks on the ever classic and elegant trench coat.

If you have any questions or comments we’d love to hear from you.


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