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Sydney Fashion Blogger: How Much Fashion Bloggers Are Paid

There is no shortage of aspiring fashion bloggers showcasing their passion for fashion, outfits and style all over social media. Obviously there are some that are more popular than others and having hundreds of thousands of followers, some even in the millions.

The fashion bloggers who have gained widespread attention have attracted the attention of e-commerce retailers as they realize the influence these fashion bloggers have with the brand’s targeted customers. Brands from fashion clothing, shoes, jewellery and accessories regularly send free merchandize to these fashion bloggers in exchange for a mention, tag or shoutout to the brand with anticipation customers will notice the brand and shop. Further to being sent merchandize freebies, some fashion blogger’s profile is so efficacious that they are often paid a fee to promote a brand and it’s item to the blogger’s social following.

Let’s take influential Australian fashion blogger, Antoinette Koulas, otherwise known as Sydney Fashion Blogger. She has a huge following across her social media accounts with 81+k likes on her Facebook profile, 950k+ visits on her website, 691k+ Instagram followers, 3k+ and Twitter followers. With that man followers, it’s truly the dream of retailers to reach out to bloggers such as SFB. She says she gets hundreds of inquiries from brands all over the world and gets sent more freebies than she can keep track of. Living the dream life right? And it only gets better. SFB also gets paid to put brands in the spotlight when she wears a particular item and tags the brand on her Instagram account. Want to know how much she makes per post? Hint: it’s in the thousands. Read more here at “How Much Do Fashion Bloggers Make?

sydney fashion blogger

Fashion clothing and dresses are amongst one of the most endorsed merchandize on SFB’s Instagram account.


Jewellery are regularly promoted on SFB’s account.

What’s your thoughts on fashion bloggers making this much money? Are they really sharing their fashion passion or to fatten their bank accounts? Leave your comments below! We’d love to hear your opinions and thoughts!

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Fashion Insider: What Fashion Retailers Do With Their Unsold Merchandize

fashion retailers dumping excess stock

Fashion comes and go. Trends come and go. The fashion industry is a hugely competitive industry and in order to stay afloat in the trade there are many things behind the scenes of just “selling clothes” that a brand/business must do in order to survive. One of the many imperative issues with fashion retailers is stock. This means, predicting what trends will be popular and purchasing for the next season. How much to order to meet customer demands? What if the sales forecast for demand is wrong?

It may never cross a consumer’s mind the processes retailers embark in the process of sourcing, buying and promoting merchandize in store. Would it be safe to say that consumers see only how trendy and appealing the clothing pieces look on the mannequins and racks? Beyond this, there is more to just the mere practice of “selling clothes”. There is a profusion of research, planning, budgeting and forecasting. Any errors in any given element of these processes may and will likely result in inaccurate results which may affect the level of sales and stock planning, thus, leading to a surplus of excess stock at the end of the period.

We decided to share with you a few insider fashion secrets after we had several customers ask about the same thing. The question “What do fashion stores do with their leftover (unsold) clothes?” Good question. Have you noticed retailers often advertise “end of season stock clearance” frequently every few months? With the amount of stock the large retailers carry in terms of styles, colours and sizes, surely, not every single piece will sell? No, they don’t.

So what do they do with all these unsold merchandize? The short answer, they either dump in landfills or have it sent to factories with industrial shredders and have the clothing pieces destroyed. Much to the dismay of environmentalists and charity houses, large retailers do this in order to protect their brands and avoid their clothing lines to flood the market and land in the hands of people who they deem “undesirable” for their brand image, i.e homeless people. Despite the ethics behind this practice of destroying perfectly good clothing that should ideally be contributed towards goodwill causes to help the needy, it is a common practice with large clothing retailers. In January 2009, a New York graduate student, Cynthia Magnus reported to The New York Times to expose leading American retailer, H&M dumping bags and bags of their store clothing outside bin collections.

What did she find H&M staff doing to the excess clothing? Read more to find out the secrets of the fashion industry and what they do with unsold stock.

Got a comment or question? Share us your thoughts and leave it in the comments section below.


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Envious Fashions Online Fashion Boutique: Massive Clearance Sale


Love a good sale? You will love our new massive clearance sale with a huge range of stock marked down saving you up to 80% off original price! Check out our huge marked down tops, pants and leggings, shoes, accessories, lingerie and dresses starting from just $5.00.

Now is the time to stock up on amazing items at fantastic prices! First in best dressed!

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The Party Edit: Shimmer & Shine Tops

How the year just flies by! The team here at Envious Fashions is abuzz with the festive season spirit and we’re sure you are just as busy leading up to the party season.

Enjoy the festivities of Christmas and be well dressed in sparkly pieces that not only will not only make you feel amazing but also look it too.

Shop our top pick sparkly top for Christmas 2013….the “Temptress” Backless sequin top which is available in purple and gold.


“Temptress” backless purple sequin top $39.95


“Temptress” backless gold sequin top $39.95

These backless sequin tops are the perfect sparkly top are fabulous to work different looks. Team with a pair of dark wash or light wash denim jeans for an effortlessly sexy chic look. Wear this backless sequin top with a pair of denim or dress shorts. Also looks great with a denim skirt. You can also team with a pair of wet look high waisted leggings for an edgy glam look.
There are so many way you can work the look with this backless sequin top and no matter what you team it with, you will be looking stunning hot!



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We’re having a 2 week 50% sale…store-wide*!

Sale starts Thursday 14th and ends Thursday 28th November 2013.

Yep, that’s HALF PRICE ON EVERYTHING! So why not snap up a bargain and SAVE on the gorgeous dresses we have in stock.

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