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Styling Guide: How To Wear The Black Skort

The black skort made it’s debut on the fashion scene a couple of years back but hasn’t stopped in terms of being a hit fashion piece. The black skort has still been trending strong with fashion bloggers everywhere still styling up their skort and sharing the hot look.

The black skort is highly versatile and super chic; easily worn for everyday chic style, sporty or styled to a dressier look. Perfect for any season the black skort is not only chic but ultra comfortable to wear, making it the ultimate versatile and must have piece for your wardrobe.

Fashion bloggers love the black skort and have styled the skort according to different occasions and matched their style. Check out the different looks of fashion bloggers and get inspired to style your own version with the black skort!

Add statement pieces of jewellery and accessories such as stacked finger rings, armour rings, stacked bracelets/bangles, chunky necklaces or ankle cuffs to add a glam edge to your overall look. What’s not to love about this great chic piece? Check out the endless string of fashion bloggers rocking black skorts. Which is your favorite blogger style? Leave your thoughts in your comment section below.

Want the black skort? Get it at Envious Fashions for a cool sale price of $18, reduced from $29.95! Shop the black skort online here.


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How To Wear A Midi White Lace Skirt

The midi skirt is a wardrobe staple. A lace skirt is also a timeless and versatile wardrobe staple. Combine the two together and you have a wonderful piece of clothing that is chic, sophisticated, stylish and versatile for almost every occasion and season. This season’s must have is the midi white lace skirt that is a feminine and oh so beautiful skirt to have ready in your closet. Whether you want to work a casual look or a dressier style with the midi white lace skirt, you will knock the look out of the park! The number of ways you can wear and the different looks you can achieve with this effortless and beautiful skirt are countless!

A few ideas to wear and try the looks with a midi white lace skirt;

  • A lace crop top for a matching set look
  • A plain white or colored cropped top
  • A floral cropped shirt
  • A chiffon blouse tucked in your white lace skirt
  • A long sleeve blouse tied up to show a hint of midriff
  • A t-shirt rolled up and knotted
  • A plain white tee or singlet with a cropped jacket

Check out the looks below of fashion bloggers rocking white lace skirts and leave your comments below on any other styling ideas or send in your photo wearing this fabulous lace skirt.

Get your white lace skirt here online for only $29.95 + free shipping within Australia.

What are your thoughts on the midi white lace skirt? Leave your comments in the section below!



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Outfit Planning 101

For fashionistas, outfit planning is an important daily ritual. It’s an act to articulate one’s own creativity and self expression through fashion clothing and accessories. Fashion bloggers have exploded on the web sphere and social media networks and for some, have attracted hundreds, or thousands of followers through sharing their fashion outfits and looks. The hashtags #outfitoftheday #ootd #whatiwore are super popular tags which fashionistas tag their photos to attract a huge number of views and likes on social media networks such as Instagram. Everyday fashion lovers turn to these networks to seek inspiration and see what’s trending to incorporate looks and get ideas into their own outfits. These outfits were from the formation of careful outfit planning and styling. While some of us have very limited time prior to an occasion out, it can sometimes make outfit planning a rather frustrating and stressful thing.

outfit planning 101

Make Outfit Planning a Breeze!

The art of outfit planning can actually be a very enjoyable process with a few simple tips.

  1. Define and recognize your personal style
  2. Clean out and organize your closet
  3. Invest in wardrobe staples
  4. Scour online sources and networks to seek style and outfit inspiration

Read the original post “The Basics Of Outfit Planning” for detailed tips on nailing the basics of outfit planning to putting your looks together like a breeze!



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What’s Hot: All White Trend

Summer is just around the corner (if you’re in the Southern hemisphere) and everyone is excitedly packing away their winter wardrobes and bringing out their summer gear to play. We’re pretty over the gloomy days, cold winds and wet weather. Bring on summer!

One of the hottest trend this summer that is wearing all white head to toe. Some color advocate fashionistas may believe all white outfits are rather conservative and plain, wearing white is brave. Contrary to belief, wearing all white will make you stand out. Amongst the sea of blacks, monochromes, prints and colors, the all white outfit is simple a block of chic and sophistication. The all white look is also fabulous to wear all season round and as trends come and goes, white will remain effortlessly sophisticated, sassy and ultra polished.


We’re totally loving this super sleek, chic and polished look on Zoe Saldana.


All Over White: HOT

White also accentuates your curves and flaws more evidently, so it’s not a pick for those with uncertainties about unfavored body parts. Further, food and drink sources are the enemies for the day.


Fashion Blogger’s Hot Fav: All White Style

Is the white all over outfit worth it? Most definately!

Why? Because you’ll be a memorable and sophisticated memory to those who may see you in the street and those you know. Fearless fashionista status….priceless.


Celebs Are Loving All White

While wearing all white is pretty fail-proof there are certain ways in which you can style wearing all white to looking ultra chic and refreshing. Here are five top tips for nailing the all white look.

1. White + lace

The combination of white and lace merely speaks timeless feminine and sophistication style. Lace channels that ladylike sexiness like no other fabric whilst making a chic statement. Lace comes in many varieties of sheerness so experiment up with the lace transparencies.


So chic…white lace


White Lace Hot on the catwalk

2. White + transparency

You’re probably not going to go all out sheer like that on the catwalk but do embrace the sheer side of all white transparency for the season. While this look is runway worthy, it isn’t practical for or is a pick for everyday outfit pick. It would be a sensible choice to opt for oueces that show just the right amount of transparency that you are comfortable with. Accessorize with minimalist silver jewellery and accessories to keep the look chic and flawless.


Transparent white hot on the runway

3. White + skin

Show some skin to break up the all white and add the extra appeal of feminine sexiness. See the celebs below totally rocking the all white look trend. Hot as anything!


Celebrities are embracing the all white trend

Do you love the all white look trend? Will you be rocking the all white trend this season? Do let us know and share your thoughts! 🙂



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Celebrity Bargain Shoppers

These celebs get sent plenty of designer clothing and in their off duty times, they have disposable dollars by the truckload to play with but they aren’t (and don’t!) shy away from a good bargain!

Meet these bargain hunters/shoppers  and savvy celebrities!

Kate Middleton

Despite not ever needing to wait for sales or browse the discounted racks at the malls, the Duchess of Cambridge does. Kate Middleton is widely known and not afraid to to wear her outfits in public more than once! She loves a good bargain and is a regular at outlet shopping avenues scouring the discounted racks!


Kate Middleton, the ultimate ROYAL bargain hunter!

Blake Lively

While Blake loves fashion and can go on shopping sprees at the high end department stores without blinking an eye to the price tags for each garment, she doesn’t knock paying less if it needn’t be. An industry insider says; “With the Christian Louboutin sale, there’s not just a VIP day, but a celebrity day, there were pap shots of Blake Lively carrying bags and bags away. And this sample sale is the Shangri La of sample sales.”

Blake Lively Shopping

Blake loves shopping…at less than full price

Lady Gaga

We all love half price merchandize! Who doesn’t? Lady Gaga sure does! She was snapped digging through half price garments in New York stores and she couldn’t understand the amusement in people questioning her about shopping for 50% off merchandise. She tweeted her response on Twitter, “Why do people look at me like I’m crazy when I use coupons at grocery or try bargaining at retail, IM FROM NEW YORK WHERE IS THE SALE RACK?” Go Gaga!

Lady Gaga Shopping

Lady Gaga the thrifty shopper

Britney Spears

Britney is also a lover for bargain shopping having been spotted shopping at Target numerous times. Britney’s also been seen at outlet malls scouring the bargain racks.

Brtiney Spears Shopping

Britney loves shopping…and a bargain!

Angelina Jolie

Angelina is a clear example that she’s not afraid to wear modest priced items out and she’s not all about labels. She made headlines around the world for weeks when she made an appearance at a movie premier event wearing a velvet black dress which she got from an op shop for $26.00!

Angelina Jolie Dress Op Shop Fashion

Angelina in the infamous black velvet dress from an Op Shop for $26.00

Olivia Palermo

Olivia’s style is admired by fashionistas everywhere and while she’s regularly spotted in the first rows of fashion shows and events, the girl also loves a good bargain mixing and matching budget pieces with high end ones.

Olivia Palermo Style Shopping

The ever chic and budget Olivia Palermo

Are you a bargain hunter too? Do you get that rush from buying something that isn’t full price yet you love the piece immensely? Please share your comments below!

Designer pieces has it’s place to make one look and feel amazing but remember, budget pieces being styled creatively can really create a truly stunning outfit and look and maybe no one will ever know that it is a budget piece you have put together!



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10 Best Styling Tips

Knowing the basics of styling can mean you will be able to save a lot of hard earned cash and the ability to look amazing and be ultra versatile with what you already have in your wardrobe.

Looking good doesn’t necessarily mean always following the latest fashion trends and styles but rather working existing fashion pieces to make you look up to the minute, make you feel confident and of course, look superb.

Follow a few of these basic styling tips to your daily dressing and outfits and you’ll be a savvy styling fashionista in a flash every…day.

Here is our top 10 basic styling tips:

  • Invest in wardrobe staples: These include white tanks, black singlets, blouses, blazers, black leggings etc. These pieces will stand the test of time and fashion seasons. They are also highly versatile to create any look for any occasion and ensure you will look chic and flawless every time.


  • Know your body shape: By knowing your body shape enables you to maximize your best assets and disguise those features which aren’t so flash. Also, it will ensure you will have the best fit and flattering silhouette when you shop for clothing. Sometimes not all trends will suit every one of us and while some pull it off flawlessly, it doesn’t mean all of us can achieve that. Some people may say that if you have the confidence to wear it, you will look good and be able to pull it off. Could be a bit of a controversy but we think not. If it’s a trend that you don’t think you can pull off, it’s probably best to not try it out in public.
  • The Little Black Dress: Well, this is an obvious one. Works every time when you have “nothing to wear” or feel bloated. Makes you look amazing. Makes you feel great. What’s more to it? It’s a must have and there’s never too many LBDs to have in your closet. Have a few casual little black dresses for day and a few more little black dresses for night wear. You are completely covered fashionista.


  • The magical powers of high heels: A pair of heels can instantaneously transform a look. One minute, plain to next minute sexy siren. A pair of patent nude pumps and black pump heels works for any and all occasions.


  • Find your signature look: Just like Victoria Beckham is known for her polished, sleek and fitted outfits to Sienna Miller’s gypsy boho look. Experiment and find out what looks work best for you, flatter you and stick with it. A fool proof style never goes out of season.
  • When in doubt, it is better to overdress: That uncomfortable feeling when you feel out of place when you’re under-dressed. Maybe the invite or the occasion didn’t really specify the dress code but rather than feeling like you want to crawl into a hole and stay there because everyone else is dressed up, it is best to adopt the look that is prepped and polished rather than out of place under-dressed.
  • Update a look with accessories: The best way to update a look or outfit is to add accessories. For a casual or rather simplistic outfit, add a statement accessory item to jazz up the look. Whether this be a statement necklace, earrings or chunky bangles, the accessories are only limited to your imagination. The easiest way to reinvent and update your look with minimal spend and effort!


  • Have a good tailor: A good tailor goes a long way. Sometimes we have that piece of clothing that we’re high sentimental and it just cannot be re-purchased. Find a local tailor who does an awesome job at mending your clothes. P.S We have a in house tailor at our Perth store location who does a variety of alterations to evening dresses, dresses, trousers and more. During the ball season, we have a high demand for evening gown alterations for the perfect fit. Contact us for more information.
  • Add some sparkle: It’s amazing just by adding something sparkly makes all the difference to an outfit. You instantly look glam which makes you feel confident.
  • Be trendy and confident:  You’ll naturally look more amazing in what you wear when you ooze the confidence when wearing your outfit. Having a knack for knowing what’s hot is a great thing but it’s also about finding a style that looks hot on you and then finding trending pieces to incorporate into your look. Be comfortable and confident and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through your fashion outfits. Be proud of your style and have fun!

Happy styling!

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How To Wear Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is a hot trending color straight off the catwalks for Autumn/Winter 2013.

While it’s great to follow the “in season” trending colors, sometimes it’s not all that practical to follow those trending colors because it is not a wardrobe practical color.

For example, take the neon trend. We love neon colors. But for some, this color just is not a versatile or practical color to combine in with their other color preferences and wear.  Further, that would explain why neutral colors have most people prefer and pick neutral colors to their wardrobe pieces for it’s versatility to look perfectly polished and chic with any other piece, regardless of season or weather.

With the cooler upcoming months, many of us would be pulling out the darker colors of mostly blacks and greys. The days are slowly losing it’s vibrancy and warmth so why should we let our outfit be as gloomy and dark?

That’s why this Autumn/Winter’s hot trending color – cobalt blue is a hot pick for your winter wardrobe.

Cobalt blue is another description for electric blue.

Rather than being bold for the season, cobalt blue will take you from one season to another. It looks great when teamed with blacks, whites, greys and metallic accents and detailing.

You can wear it as a whole outfit or if you’re more on the conservative side with color, wear it in small doses by mixing it in print patterns. Alternatively, pick cobalt blue accessories to add a bright pop of chic color to your outfit.

What’s more, cobalt blue is a color that can be worn by women of any age without having to regarding the suitability of their age against the shade to wear it.

Cobalt blue is the perfect mix of trendy and sophistication for any season, any weather and any occasion.

So to ensure you maximize the chic appeal of cobalt blue follow these simple tips to nailing the color and your look.

How to wear cobalt blue: 

  • Don’t go head to toe cobalt blue. That’s just tacky. Instead break it up with complimentary colors to the shade such as nudes, beiges, gold, silvers, whites and blacks. So if you’re wearing a cobalt color dress, don’t match your handbag or shoes to the dress but rather compliment it with a pair of patent nude pumps, white bangle or gold accessories.
  • Avoid dark colors such as mauves, browns or teal that will offset or distract the stunning hue of cobalt blue.
  • Compliment the cobalt blue by teaming gold or silver accessories with your cobalt blue dress. Or you an try a black statement necklace or earrings with your cobalt blue dress for a classic chic look.

Check out our LookBook featuring our “Oceans” wrap dress (belt included) $39.95 for inspiration to wearing a cobalt blue dress.


Check out these stylish celebs rocking the cobalt blue color.


Here’s cobalt blue hot off the catwalk…winter-fashion-2013-trend-color-cobalt-blue-

Make this color part of your winter wardrobe today!










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