How To Wear Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is a hot trending color straight off the catwalks for Autumn/Winter 2013.

While it’s great to follow the “in season” trending colors, sometimes it’s not all that practical to follow those trending colors because it is not a wardrobe practical color.

For example, take the neon trend. We love neon colors. But for some, this color just is not a versatile or practical color to combine in with their other color preferences and wear.  Further, that would explain why neutral colors have most people prefer and pick neutral colors to their wardrobe pieces for it’s versatility to look perfectly polished and chic with any other piece, regardless of season or weather.

With the cooler upcoming months, many of us would be pulling out the darker colors of mostly blacks and greys. The days are slowly losing it’s vibrancy and warmth so why should we let our outfit be as gloomy and dark?

That’s why this Autumn/Winter’s hot trending color – cobalt blue is a hot pick for your winter wardrobe.

Cobalt blue is another description for electric blue.

Rather than being bold for the season, cobalt blue will take you from one season to another. It looks great when teamed with blacks, whites, greys and metallic accents and detailing.

You can wear it as a whole outfit or if you’re more on the conservative side with color, wear it in small doses by mixing it in print patterns. Alternatively, pick cobalt blue accessories to add a bright pop of chic color to your outfit.

What’s more, cobalt blue is a color that can be worn by women of any age without having to regarding the suitability of their age against the shade to wear it.

Cobalt blue is the perfect mix of trendy and sophistication for any season, any weather and any occasion.

So to ensure you maximize the chic appeal of cobalt blue follow these simple tips to nailing the color and your look.

How to wear cobalt blue: 

  • Don’t go head to toe cobalt blue. That’s just tacky. Instead break it up with complimentary colors to the shade such as nudes, beiges, gold, silvers, whites and blacks. So if you’re wearing a cobalt color dress, don’t match your handbag or shoes to the dress but rather compliment it with a pair of patent nude pumps, white bangle or gold accessories.
  • Avoid dark colors such as mauves, browns or teal that will offset or distract the stunning hue of cobalt blue.
  • Compliment the cobalt blue by teaming gold or silver accessories with your cobalt blue dress. Or you an try a black statement necklace or earrings with your cobalt blue dress for a classic chic look.

Check out our LookBook featuring our “Oceans” wrap dress (belt included) $39.95 for inspiration to wearing a cobalt blue dress.


Check out these stylish celebs rocking the cobalt blue color.


Here’s cobalt blue hot off the catwalk…winter-fashion-2013-trend-color-cobalt-blue-

Make this color part of your winter wardrobe today!










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8 thoughts on “How To Wear Cobalt Blue

  1. Nawila Orsad says:

    funny how you tell people not to wear cobalt blue head to toe but the pics you show have all celebs wearing it head to toe and they look damn good. Dont tell ppl how to wear their own style!

    • Blog topics are subject to the author’s own opinions and views. No one is forced to take the suggestions/recommendations against their own will. The blog post was published as public material to be read, enjoyed and interpreted at the individual’s own interpretation. Would it be righteous to say you are being rude by saying don’t tell people how to style when it is not directed at anyone but rather. Blog post to be read and you are here telling us directly to not so that. Please be courteous.

  2. rosethomasuk says:

    what colour shoes with cobalt blue dress, i read your article is long detail of cobalt blue and decide, how to it

  3. Liz Auer says:

    I just bought a colbalt blue dress and nude shoes to go with it for a formal event. I also want to get some sort of colorful clutch to go with. What colors would you suggest if I were to buy a clutch bag to go with the outfit?

    • Hi Liz,
      What a fabulous choice of color for your dress! Matching your handbag/clutch to your shoes is a classic fashion practice so if you were to purchase a nude clutch, it would look pretty spectacular with your colbalt blue dress. A silver clutch would also look beautiful with colbalt blue. Depending on the embellishments you have on your dress, a rhinestone encrushted clutch would really make your dress dazzle! Check out a range of evening clutches here that goes perfect with evening dresses >>
      Hope this helps and let us know if you have any more questions! 🙂

  4. […] ease of wear and bold statement appeal without being over the top. We published a blog post How To Wear Cobalt Blue last year and received a lot of questions about how to style cobalt blue clothing with accessories, […]

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